Chat Technical Help

We recently moved the chat to Discord, you can find us here:


Below are some basics for using Discord to get you started.

1. Register
If you don’t already have a Discord account, it is easy to set one up.
Register for discord









2. Join the SimplyInfo server
You can find it automatically with our link at the top of this page or search Discord servers for SimplyInfo.
You can search in discord by using the compass link on the left
Find our discord server








3. Find the main channel
The main channel is simplyinfo-main. Group rules can be found in the rules channel. political-kaos has a channel here and the administration channel is private for group mods. We can open additional event specific chats as needed.

Find the discord channel










4. Neat new chat features
The chat in discord has many features people had been asking for. Emojis are built in, as are some gifs. You can now upload images and documents directly into the chat from your computer or phone. Links to websites and social media posts posted in the chat automatically add a preview.

discord chat features

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