Fukushima Unit 1 Decommissioning

Fukushima Daiichi unit1As work evolves into the decommissioning phase information on decommissioning plans is updated here.

Unit 1 has had extensive work towards the eventual decommissioning. Most of this work has taken place between 2019 and 2021. The cover building has been removed in order to eventually place a fuel removal shed similar to the one at unit 4 on top of the building. Clean-up work on the refueling floor was completed in 2020 except for the removal of the overhead crane. Removal of the crane requires extensive preparatory work to the spent fuel pool to prevent damage to the fuel from large falling objects.





Timelines for future decommissioning work can be found in the Fukushima Calendar.

fukushima daiichi unit 1 cover building

The current plan is to have this new cover building installed by 2023.

Spent fuel removal estimated date:
Fuel debris removal estimated date: 

Work to prepare to remove fuel debris:

Fukushima Unit 1 To Be Inspected In January

Work to prepare the building for the removal of spent fuel and decommissioning:

Fukushima Unit 1 New Cover Building Progress

Fukushima Unit 1 Spent Fuel Pool Cover Installed

Fukushima Unit 1-2 Vent Tower Dismantled

2020 SimplyInfo.org; Annual Report – Unit 1

Fukushima Unit 1 New “Plan B” To Remove Spent Fuel

SimplyInfo.org; Unit 1 Interim Report 2019

Fukushima Unit 1 Spent Fuel Pool Inspection

Fukushima Unit 1 Reactor Well Inspection Results

Fukushima Unit 1; Site Of Significant New Work

2016 Fukushima Unit 1 Cover Removal Completed

2016 TEPCO Releases Photos Of Fukushima Unit 1 Demolition

2016 TEPCO Releases Photos Of Fukushima Unit 1 Demolition



The diagram below shows elevation levels, locations of contaminated water, and removal routes for unit 1 turbine building and reactor building.

unit 1 contaminated water diagram 151117_01h





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