Latest Daiichi Readings

This is the best way to visually interpret current data from the reactors at Daiichi. This tool uses the 6 hour CSV data from TEPCO and puts it into a graph format so you can detect trends and changes. The page is in Japanese but translates with Google Translate

Some other updated links for daily or hourly monitoring at the plant:
Monitoring posts at the plant (daily)
Exhaust stack of units 5-6 (daily)
Radiation survey maps (reactor buildings, inside reactors, around the plant) updated periodically
Reactor Parameters (hourly, 6 hours)

There is some ongoing data made available but most are in fairly static formats.
Newest monitoring post-radiation readings: (In Japanese but translates with Google Translate)

Reactor data tables have been moved to a once-a-month document published with the roadmap report. Older table summaries up to early 2013 can be found in the link below.
Newest reactor parameters: (In Japanese but readable if you are familiar with the format)


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