Food Monitoring

Food monitoring in Japan has been ongoing from a variety of sources including the national government, local governments, and citizen groups. We have listed below some of the known reporters of food contamination. If you know of one we should add please let us know.


Mother’s Radiation Lab Fukushima (aka Iwaka Tarachine)

Kampu Citizen Food Testing Lab

WhiteFood documents government food testing and their own independent food testing

2015 Japan Tap Water Contamination
Testing by NRA Japan of all prefectures drinking water (2015)

Japan Ministry of Health food, water & soil radiation testing (in English) with extensive reporting 

Japan Ministry of Health Tap Water Contamination
Tap water reports 2011 to current
2021 data for tap water across Japan

Chiba Prefecture Radiation Testing – via 

Sokutei – Tokyo monitoring of food, soil, urine tests.

Security Tokyo does some food testing including US imports to Japan. In Japanese but translates well. They have found contamination in US-produced foods. Via

ACRO – French NGO branch in Japan does food testing. In English. Testing through 2013

CRMS – Japan citizen group doing a variety of testing including food. Via, Testing ended in 2012
CRMS now has some information in English

Japan-based blog about food contamination findings. Via, appears to have ceased updates around 2016

Testing Results:
December 2012 Wildlife in Fukushima found contaminated over food limits: Bear, boar, pheasant & ducks  
List of embargoed food from Ministry of Health includes many freshwater fish Dec2012EmbargoedFoods
Tested wildlife in Tohoku Emergency_monitoring_test_results_in_English
Same in Japanese DecWildGame2012_2r9852000002qlmg
Ministry statement about contaminated wildlife and rivers MiyagiBearBoar


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