Copyright Policy

Our work is the result of extensive research and our years dedicated to the Fukushima Disaster and related events. We also frequently republish copyrighted works of others with their permission. Those works are their property, not ours to share without their permission. We permit republishing on a case by case basis, please do not republish our work without obtaining prior permission. If the work is under the copyright of another, we can usually direct you to that resource so you can obtain proper permission directly from them.

Using our work:

  • Up to 100 words for a short quotation excluding any advertising or endorsement uses. This must include credit and a link back to the article on our website; or
  • By students in coursework or dissertations created in the course of full- or part-time study at a recognized school or university or another place of learning provided that such coursework or dissertation shall not be released for external publication in any form;
  • For any other uses of our work, please contact us to obtain permission first.
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