Radiation Readings (Not Live Updated)

We are gradually adding environmental radiation readings taken since the beginning of the disaster to build a clear picture of the contamination over time. Please check back frequently as this will be an ongoing project. Please note that some of the government-sponsored monitoring has been found to read artificially low for various reasons such as the height of monitoring posts or aggressive decontamination near monitoring stations.

Readings In Japan:

Kyoto University radiation monitors on municipal buses in Fukushima http://www.pref.fukushima.lg.jp/sec/16025d/soukou.html

CRMS radiation readings map, updated frequently http://www.earthspiral.jp/47pj/

Greenpeace radiation readings were taken in Fukushima 2011: Go to their Google Map

Greenpeace radiation readings map 2011 and 2012– link goes to Archive.org capture of the site

CRMS – Citizen Radioactivity Monitoring Station – link goes to Archive.org capture of the site Non-government radiation readings

Hakatte – Crowdsourced radiation readings in Japan – link goes to Archive.org capture of the site. http://hakatte.jp/

Prof. Hayakawa’s radiation readings in the Fukushima region. Periodically updated http://ow.ly/i/YKwM/original

US Embassy Readings March 2011
March 2011 – Radiation readings from US Embassy in Tokyo

IAEA gamma dose readings March-April 2011:
IAEA  surface dose readings:

IRSN plume maps: http://frmr-jp.blogspot.com/2012/09/20113.html

MEXT (Japan Ministry of Education) Radiation monitoring stations. Please note that these readings are for the actual location where the monitor is located, some monitors are atop multiple story buildings. The “adjusted to 1meter off the ground” reading is usually buried in fine print and is the important reading. MEXT has also been found to be decontaminating around monitoring stations or setting them on top of metal plates to make the readings artificially lower. So these readings are artificially lower than the reality at that location.  http://radioactivity.mext.go.jp/map/ja/area2.html Dead link, page reverts to NRA’s data page https://radioactivity.nsr.go.jp/ja/

JAEA (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) radiation readings by mobile and stationary device. Includes calculated radiation readings for various areas in Fukushima.

Japan Environment Ministry Decontamination Efforts (They take readings and are supposed to be logging the before/after levels as decontamination is attempted)

Fukushima prefecture govt. radiation monitoring by various methods – via Archive.org, some links do not work -. http://info-fukushima.jaea.go.jp/joho_en/project.html

Historial Radiation Readings In Japan Back To 1957: https://www.kankyo-hoshano.go.jp/data/

US Readings During Fukushima Plume Arrival Over The US In 2011

Las Vegas Nevada – Taken UNLV – link via Archive.org – http://www.ansatunlv.com/air_monitoring.html

DRI charcoal and paper filter readings near and around Nevada Test site taken March 2011 http://cemp.dri.edu/japan_response.html



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