Additional News for June 19, 2011

Additional News for June 19, 2011
Bloomberg: Fukushima Failures Kept Behind Closed Doors at UN
Post-tsunami harmony is a myth and the reality is startlingly different
Govt pushing Nuclear safety message
17 prefectures leaning toward solar
Tepco plays down decontamination failure

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2 thoughts on “Additional News for June 19, 2011

  • July 23, 2011 at 10:10 am

    Bloomberg: (July 23, 2011)You are trying to blame TEMPCO for the problems of the plant melt down and deflect the reason, no one can control the operators with any amount of training because shit happens. The actions taken after the accident show that the industry was dumbfounded and had to review and make changes in safety like Calhoun and still almost lost that plant, now does that mean the USA nuclear industry is to blame. Below is a list of extreme events that may cause a melt down and why no nuclear. Maybe there is a terrorist group in progress to hit a plant now. As of today you are hiding the radiation around North America and the problems of the rod pools at Calhoun and you talk about Japan not been open and straight forward and the industry is hiding events now. When I see nuclear advocates lips move I squint.
    Saskatchewan, Canada Nuclear radiation as of July 18, 2011 first radiation level metered, was extreme hazard at 1.01 mc sv/hour in rain water. This will cumulate as long as Japans plant and rods spew out radiation; it may never stop, and how long before ground level will be 1.01 mc sv/hour or more without rain. How many people and animals will be affected before this ends? If I am very lucky no other plant will melt down. But with more plants being built will increase the probability of it happening again. With plant cost over runs, are they lacking on safety issues to keep the cost down, past performance sure makes it seem so. Also more plants increases the chances of earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, country revolt, volcanoes, tsunami’s, avalanche, sink holes, freezing weather, hurricanes, 1000’s of parts in the plant, extreme long term heat, asteroids, bad product, lighting strike, extreme down pour, military Coe, space debris, airplanes, terrorist attacks and most of all human error damaging a plant. How many Homer Simpsons are at work, we know at least two on the safety committees of one plant? Safety switches and protocol are a joke, I have refused to sign off on them and ten minutes later the production starts up. This happens because a safety device alerts a shut down only to find three times in a row a shutdown was in acted for no reasons found, but when it is a serious problem they will have automatically over ridden the auto shut down and then examine the problem, which is now is too late, if the problem should have shut down automatically, this is done time and time again. I believe I could put a nuclear power plant into melt down for about $10,000.00, a terrorist probably for less. Why in this world a country would centralize the power distribution is beyond my understanding of safety. Also solar, wind etc. will in create many needed jobs in your country, instead of buying nuclear products from other countries giving away many jobs. You should see what goes on in northern Saskatchewan’s nuclear mining it is crazy. I will tell one, they have at each site tailings that are washed into large ponds beside lakes (touching each other separated by an earth dam). They have to keep pumping water for ever into the pond so it will not dry up and cause radioactive dust to be spread around the province/world. The dams have broken several times and radioactive water has spelled into the lake before they could rebuild it and have dried up enough to wisp into the air. I have not added the loss of land from mining or ponds and hug craters that will not support life for many years. It would be nice if we could get rid of booth, and WOW we can, all we have to do is start the solar, and wind etc. and all is safe.


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