Daily News Roundup – Sunday Edition – July 17, 2011

This has been a busy week, contamination has been showing up everywhere. From the widespread beef contamination to food stuffs all over. Some new ones that showed up over night. Iodine has been found in Toyko sewer waste. This indicates that there may still be nuclear reactions going on at Fukushima.

Plutonium has been found in car air filters around Fukushima prefecture. There were initial claims that the plutonium would not leave the power plant complex. Anyone who has seen the massive blast at #3 could see why that just may not be true. We already know that plutonium made it far outside the plant from this old story. This combined with the rash of contaminated foods highlights the need for comprehensive food, soil and water testing throughout Japan.

The increasing insecurity about food and a compounding lack of help for the people living outside the 20km exclusion zone hits home in this video plea by residents in Fukushima who are stuck in a very bad situation. The govt. won’t help them evacuate but everyone knows the radiation in the area is significant. Leaving is not as easy as just throwing things in your car and driving away. People need somewhere to go, may lose their job if they move away and need the financial resources to move, pay for a new residence and for daily living expenses. The factors compound, so many need that government help to move. The construction work in the video is clearing the contaminated soil from a playground in an attempt to make it safe for children to play. There are still radioactive releases from the plant on a daily basis. So how long this will help is unknown.

In the news story from the previous typhoon headed for Japan, TEPCO admitted they were not ready. With another typhoon likely to skim the area they are no more prepared for this one.

This Asahi Shimbun article points out the unique situation Kan is in with his resignation ahead and how it has allowed him to now be totally truthful.

Certain agencies in the government seem to think Fukushima is in cold shutdown and talk of sending families home to the exclusion zone. The plant is far from cold shutdown or even a safe situation. TEPCO does not consider it cold shutdown. Sending people home to the exclusion zone borders on criminal. The exclusion zone will likely never be safely habitable, this is a conversation that should be had so people can move on.

A group of lawyers are fighting the nuclear industry and the restart of reactors in Japan. Sadly, many of the post-disaster actions are looking to end up in the courtroom.

Meanwhile the workers are still struggling with the intense heat. One worker suggests they work at night, not a bad idea.

An interesting article about the bias and cultural superiority complex that can become involved in the events of a disaster such as Fukushima. Meanwhile plutonium is showing up in air samples in the US from the fires around the Los Alamos national lab but the public is not being informed via the media about this.

We found this unusual invitation from Hokkaido’s tourism agency. It appears to be offering help to people wishing to evacuate. If anyone has more information on what this really is and what is involved please contact our group.

Asahi Shimbun explains the hurdles reporters have worked under trying to get the truth of the disaster out to the public.

On an up note, an in depth article about volunteering in the tsunami ravaged areas and the dedication to those missing and dead from the volunteers. This article about young teens volunteering in the tsunami zones to help clean and rebuild.

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