Monju Fast Breeder Reactor May Be Shut Down For Good

The science ministry in Japan is considering stopping for good the Monju fast breeder reactor. The reactor has been plagued with problems and accidents for most of its 24 years of existence.

This type of reactor cools with a dangerous liquid sodium system. When mixed with oxygen and moisture (even air moisture) it can burst into an extremely intense heat fire. In 1995 such a fire happened, there was a subsequent cover up and scandal. Information on the cover up along with video of the disaster can be found on Wikileaks. Adding to the high risk factors of this reactor type, it also is run on MOX fuel. MOX is a mixture of uranium and plutonium. This type of fuel added to the intensity and complexity of the disaster at Fukushima Daiichi.

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2 thoughts on “Monju Fast Breeder Reactor May Be Shut Down For Good

  • July 16, 2011 at 4:18 am

    Thank you very much for these more accurate updates!
    It is amazing just how corrupt Corporations and Corporate owned Government is.
    I think that it would be nice if all of Japans Government and the Corporations responsibe for Fukushima Daiichi like GE, Tepco et. be invited to tour the site and have lunch with the local fish and vegetables and have the local fresh water and Sake.
    That would be nice. It would be nice if you could extend the visit for a three day festival
    and make sure they bring all their families.
    Very simple, you provide the local food and of course the people that come will donate
    to cover the cost and help the local economy in its time of need.


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