Daily News Roundup – Radiation Everywhere Edition

Reports of radiation being found flooded in this weekend. Radiation is showing up everywhere and in ways that are becoming more difficult for the government to explain away.

Food testing results done by the government were compared against citizen testing results in the same area. The results found that the government analysis was showing much lower levels than the citizen testing.

Another 4000 cows were found to be radioactive. A group of these cows were not fed the radioactive rice straw implicated in other incidents. These cows were moved from areas near Fukushima Daiichi and were fed imported hay. The farm near Namie was tested and showed 15 mSv/h. The annual accumulation at that rate is 131 mSv. In the early days of the disaster farmers were shown moving their livestock out of the area. People just assumed something would be done to isolate or test those cows before they would be considered safe for consumption. That assumption was wrong.

Adding to the TEPCO induced headaches of farmers in Fukushima, now cow manure is a radioactive problem. Farmers were barred from selling their manure until it has been tested by the government. The government is still trying to figure out a testing system. A farm in Date City produces two tons of manure a day from a 70 head cattle herd. The farmers have nowhere to put the manure and the government is not acting. If testing ever does begin the “safe” level is 400 bq/kg.

High radiation was found at garden center. A consumer took their radiation detector and placed it on bags of garden compost. They also tested garden rock and some other materials but the garden compost showed quite high. Everything in Japan has become “buyer beware”.

100 mSv/h mud was found in a ditch after decontamination work at a school was completed. Part of the work in the area involved power washing cars to remove dirt and radiation.

The Radiation Defense Project did soil testing in Tokyo and compared it to the standards set at Chernobyl. The Chernobyl levels consist of 4 levels with 1 being forced immediate evacuation and 4 being a level where extreme caution against exposure is urged.  Level 3 on the Chernobyl scale is “citizen right to relocate. There are areas of Tokyo that fall under level 3. Parts of Tokyo are high enough that people were allowed to leave with assistance under the same circumstances after Chernobyl. Three areas in Tokyo & Chiba were found to be level 3.  A level 2 was found in Saitama, that was a mandatory evacuation level at Chernobyl.

Highly radioactive soil was found 100km to the west of the plant near Aizu-Wakamatsu. 180,000 bq/kg of cesium was found in the soil in this area near a public courthouse. This illustrates again the need to test places where radiation can concentrate, even far away from the power plant.

The central government has announced that some areas near the nuclear plant will remain off limits for “a long time”. They do not clarify what a long time is, but do mention the government will be doing something to assist the people impacted by this.
The government will arrange for Kan to explain to affected municipalities that exclusion orders will likely remain in effect for a long time and about how the government will support the former residents.”

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