How TEPCO Really Treats Their Victims

TEPCO has been making announcements to the media claiming they are going to begin making compensation payments and how they will do so in a supposedly honest and fair manner. TEPCO does not have a shining reputation in in how they deal with the public, or anyone they see as bothersome. Sadly that includes the victims of their rampant negligence and disregard for safety.

A local mushroom farmer now can’t sell is produce due to the radiation risks thanks to TEPCO. The public would be right to worry as greenhouse grown mushrooms in the prefecture have already been found to contain high amount of cesium. Mushrooms are well known to be good absorbers of radiation.

The mushroom farmer can’t pay his power bill because he now can’t sell his mushrooms. So he asks TEPCO for compensation for his now unsellable crop.  TEPCO replies with this:

‘it’s just because of the fear of radiation, not actual harm done by radiation.’

Well problem solved then! Thanks TEPCO! This is the kind of illogical garbage victims are being faced with. There is clearly plenty of harm done, the farmer can no longer sell his product thanks to TEPCO and the public is well justified in that fear.

The farmer then asked to at least have his electricity bill delayed. He is having problems paying it because TEPCO ruined his produce so money is tight and having the power cut off would ruin what of his operation he has left. TEPCO then goes on to tell the farmer that they are not liable for any damage done by power going out and refuse to cut him any sort of break on paying his bill. The farmer continued to complain and received this reply from TEPCO:

“Sue us. We will fight against you.”


This is what it is really like for TEPCO’s victims. This person just wanted his bill payment delayed due to the mess TEPCO has made out of his business and his personal life. Just imagine if they are like this about postponing a payment what they are like to those seeking compensation for their lost home, future health problems and all the other destruction TEPCO has brought down upon people.

The mushroom farmer’s account and many others can be found at this livedoor blog.

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