NIRS Questionable Iodine Protocol, Some Comparison

This NIRS document instructing people about protective iodine contained some puzzling instructions. As a comparison we found a US FDA document on protective iodine in case of a radioactive accident.

NIRS suggested only those who fled the exclusion zone after the 19th would need to take radioactive iodine. Reactors were melting down, releasing radiation and exploding before the 19th. People in that area were exposed to radiation. The radiation modeling and currently found levels also show that people outside the exclusion zone were exposed. The document stated that people should only take radioactive iodine once. It also claimed that people would not have any internal contamination. The reason given is that people would not have eaten food stuffs with radioactive iodine in them. The document goes on to claim that people in Japan have higher amounts of natural iodine in their diet than people in the Ukraine and that local residents would be less in need of protective iodine. There were multiple warnings in the US and Japan that consuming large amounts of iodine containing foods would not replace protective iodine tablets and should not be done as a sole means of protection.

The FDA protocol calls for giving protective iodine to anyone under 40 with a few caveats and in doses every 24 hours as long as they are being exposed. It also urged moving babies and pregnant women out of the exposure areas rather than giving multiple doses of iodine if at all possible. We know now that radiation was floating over many directions in the region around Fukushima over the first weeks of the disaster. Radiation was in the air. People may not have consumed it in their food but they certainly were in a situation to breathe it in causing internal contamination.



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