Large Amount Of Plutonium In Date City 60km From Fukushima Daiichi

SPA Magazine has now uncovered that “several thousand” becquerels of neptunium-239 was found in Date City. neptunium-239 evolves into plutonium-239 that has a half life of 24,200 years. These findings show that Date City has a significant plutonium contamination that neither TEPCO or the government are aware of or admitting. It was previously disclosed by the same magazine that Iitate-Mura had the same kinds of heavy plutonium contamination.

This is a big problem, plutonium has some serious health risks  and it is being found in large amounts 60km from the plant. The government and TEPCO have been trying to focus public attention on first iodine-131 and now on cesium-137. They rarely test for or mention stronium-90 or plutonium-239, two isotopes that are considerably more dangerous. The nuclear research that discovered the findings is not releasing all of the information or their name. They stated they want the information to make it to a peer reviewed journal outside Japan first, expressing concerns about the government squashing the information. In light of the current situation in Japan this is an understandable action by the researcher.

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