The Mystery Of The Pointing Man At Fukushima Daiichi Solved

Who is this guy? What is he doing? This was the big question when the video feed of the TEPCO cam at Fukushima Daiichi came out. He has made himself known along with his reasons for the odd spectacle. He says he is pointing his finger at TEPCO and the Japanese Government for their inaction on a list of worker rights issues at the plant.

These concerns are not unique, other workers have come out online and to the media saying many of the same things. He did express over and over that his employer did not know about his act and should not be punished. He no longer works at the plant.

His concerns that he says need to be addressed are:

TEPCO’s lack of knowledge of each workers employment situation.
The subcontractor system where employees sometimes don’t know who their actual employer is.
Employees end up with low wages under unscrupulous sub contractors.
Many workers don’t have access to insurances or even have a contract for their work.
He also talked about his situation of sharing a room with workers who worked differing shifts. This caused workers to lose sleep due to the disturbances. When he filled out his paperwork declaring the conditions of his day he properly wrote he had 4 hours of sleep. His contractor changed it after he left to say 6 hours of sleep. There seems to be no sort of checks on people abusing the safety system and he has concerns about larger safety risks due to this. It is quite clear that a combination of overwork, ignoring safety rules and falsifying paperwork can lead to a serious accident in such a dangerous work site.

Some of the subcontractors are pushing workers to overwork or work harder by spurring a competitive nature at work. This may increase profits for the main contractor but has severe safety risks. He also outlined some changes that could make things much safer and improved for the workers. He wants TEPCO to direct hire all workers at the plant. If not that at least TEPCO should review each employees contract and make sure they are being given proper insurance access and fair wages. He mentions there may not be enough staff at some jobs or that contractors are under staffing tasks.

It is well known to anyone following the disaster that the working conditions on their own are harsh and dangerous. TEPCO and the contractor companies have ignored worker safety and worker rights issues time after time and only do something when shamed into it or forced by the labor ministry. Below is the entirety of his post with images. We are copying it here as such things have a way of disappearing off the internet.


mail0908fukuichi live camera situation
↑the situation of Fukuichi live camera / the camera was fastened on the handrail of the step over the pipes.

On 30/8/2011 afternoon, at the press conference Tepco answered that it is difficult to determine the pointing person’s identity and there is no plan to investigate. Supposing it to be a fact, if it is announced formally that Tepco and the prime contractor never add any sanctions to the company which I belonged to, I open myself and the day’s my behavior and make the asterisks on this page clear.(I have already left a company.)

The main points of this page
– I did the action regardless of the company. So I want not to add any sanctions to it.
– I want the government and Tepco to address the labor issue seriously.
– The intention of pointing a finger toward camera was to point out about the labor issue and observation through the media.

j-village me

It is me who pointed a finger toward the Fukuichi live camera.

■ First, let me explain why I make a statement here.
I feared the possibility that the determination of my identity caused my company a deal of trouble.
(I have already left a company.)
If Tepco or the prime contractor takes wrong interpret the action as the company’s misconduct and add some penalty, there is no excuse for it to my company and the boss and seniors and colleagues.
To make it open that there is no relation between my action and my company, I explain in expectation of some effect to prevent from the meaningless sanctions.
But if I make my identification clear without confirming the course of Tepco, that will merely make an excuse of sanctions. So I show my face on the picture as the same range as the video.

Maybe there is no necessary to make this page because if I don’t say anything more no one can know my identification.
However, I doubt the answer of Tepco and the government on the conference.
Tepco’s spokesman said that it’ difficult to determine the person’s identification and there was no plan to investigate, but I have expected that it is easy to cast doubt on me.
Because I went into the site of the plant and lent an APD(radiometer, dosimeter) with staggering the hours from the other standard workers, and return it soon after I did the action.
My unnatural stay time was recorded with the identification number.
On the conference Mr. Sonoda said that the government had a plan investigation. If that was one of the counterterror measures, it’s appropriate to think the determination had been done.
In that case, there is a possibility of sanction without some notification. So I want to say the sanction or the penarlty is meaningless before the confirmation on facts.

The action was done at my own discretion. There are no relations and responsibility to the company which I belonged to.
I had hidden my intention from everyone in the company so no one can know about my action.
No company can avoid the sudden deviation by a man applied for the job offer increased after the accident.
I have a favor to Tepco and the prime contractor. Please note those points and don’t add any sanction to the company which doesn’t have any relationship to my action. Entrust the business as before. Please take a soft line.

If it is expressed officially that no sanction or penalty will be done, I make my identification and the details of my behavior on that day.
I also make it clear when my identification has been determined.
If there is not any matters on labor environment or employment and security, and nobody don’t act like terrorism and can’t act so, maybe investigation is not necessary.

However I must apologize for the possibility of some trouble to the company which I was employed.
I’m terribly sorry.


■ Then I explain the sequence intention and of the action.
I went into the site of Tepco’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant and point a finger toward the plant’s live-streaming camera on August 28, my holiday.
I had known about the camera and its rough position by the information on internet and the bulletin board in the significant seismic building.
I approached to the camera with APD and the mask and Tyvec’s protecting suit ,and point at it while watching myself by the live-streaming video on my mobile phone.
The subject I pointed toward was Tepco and the government, and people watching the video in live or after , and myself on the mobile phone.

■The intention of pointing toward Tepco, the goverment and the claim for them

I claim the concrete improvement of the state of working conditions, entrustment of businesses to subcontract companies, ascertainment of all workers’ employment situations.
As you know according by the reports from some media, there are some workers who have some compelling reason were arranged by the people in the outlaw territory.  And they work while hiding from the prime contractor that they are in unfair or harsh conditions.
Even the case of the company recruiting through the Hello Work (Japanese government employment agency), the prime contractor don’t know some workers’ actual employer.
Too many subcontracts cause some problems of the workers’ low wages or not to join the insurances, no contract documents, as known by reports of media.

In addition, I show some of my experiences.
I had some days that I can’t asleep well in the daytime though I had works in late night because the working hours of our room’s members are inconsistent.
There is a rule that the workers have to declare the day’s conditions of their health by writing and submitting the paper.
I wrote 4 about the sleeping hours honesty, but a senior rewrite as 6 while I took my eyes off.
I think he judged that the existence of a person who can’t control his health is not good for our company.
And, I saw workers who have much extra jobs except the job which the prime contractor knows. They worked so hard for miscellaneous jobs –for example, caring newcomers’ procedures– and they did their original jobs and drove a car in spite of a few hours sleeping.
Subcontract companies compete or appeal with overwork, then the prime contractor obtain high efficiency works with low cost.
But some small unreasonable things and harmful effects are not reported to above.
They could lead to serious accident in this emergency.

If someone indicates those problems on the conference, Tepco may just answer “we are going to investigate” or “we ask cooperative companies not to do so.”
And great information never will be reported.
Only the evidences not to damage to themselves will be reported to above for having been subcontracted.
Subcontract companies and dishonesty workers are not only responsible for such this situation but also prime contractor or Tepco.
Even if some workers or the companies were punished severely, this problem would not be solved.
Stern regulations don’t connect the safety measure.
This is the important thing we have to learn from the Train Crash on JR West Fukuchiyama Line(2005), I think.
Tepco has to release weaker people from the pressure that they have to hide their overworks.
This is hard to carry senses of mission on their back for many people, so we must not to impose the pressures of labor conditions or instability of employment.

I think we should cope with this problem as whole problem of employment system.
It is best that if Tepco employed all workers and companies.
If it is completely unable, I want Tepco to confirm the all workers’ contract situation on their documents completry (though I did not make written agreement), and to check if there are fair wages and insurances.
How about grasping if there are enough people on each posts or companies?
Orginally, outsourcing is not to waive the responsible of administration but to consign technical works.
I hear that the accident is barely saved from the worst crisis nevertheless being unpredictable.
In this case, it is important to avoid human errors from the halfway administration or caring workers.

And my action went through without someone’s check, it gave an example that there is many ways to pick something by someone who were not satisfied on the present state.
This won’t change anything if the security will become improved.
It is proper measure to improve the employment situation not to make workers unsatisfied.
I hope mass-medias to ask Tepco and the government these points.


■ The intention of pointing toward the people who watches the video

I wanted to make a opposite direction against the observation.
We still have put the workers on nuclear power plant as “an exceptional subject different from us” by changing the word from “lower workers” to “heros” or “working people”
I wanted to point it out.
I think we can’t avoid this on watching something through a media.

■ the intention of pointing toward myself through the mobile phone

I also watch workers and this accident through the media, so I can’t leaving out of this situation, I thought.
And this action content a self-sacrifice by narcissism, it should not acknowledge unconditionally in the social crisis.
Gloomy mind caused by watching TV show should be eliminated by political participation through elections.
My behavior of working only in a short period should be watched and criticized as a slacktivistic pattern.


■ The above is the explanation of the intention of pointing a finger, the effectiveness might be incomplete.
As indicated by some people, I simulated <<centers>> by Vito Acconti in the situation with internet and nuclear power plant.
Because I thought that watching and discrimination, then discrimination and nuclear power plant have inseparative relations.

However the unclearly action might contribute the growing impudent of the conspiracy theory and occultism.
It was unexpected that putting BGM like a horror movie in the TV programs and too many unrealistic opinions are commented on the internet.
In addition to my eerie action, that was caused by the present situation that information is limited and is difficult to have argument.
I want mass-media people to make program which is based on the covering the seismic building and workers cooperated by Tepco.
If they are hero, there are no necessary to use mosaic masking.
If it becomes usual, there won’t be so many comments about the pointing person hoping scoop or supernatural happenings, but many blames and abuse for making trouble to company as one of the working adult.
I hope such sound daily scene to come again.

■ I say again.
There is no relations between my action and the company I belonged to.
The company can’t know about my intention in advance so they don’t have any responsible.
I have a favor to Tepco and the prime contractor. Please note those points and don’t add any sanction to the company which doesn’t have any relationship to my action. Entrust the business as before. Please take a soft line.。

cheering cheering cheering cheering cheering cheering cheering cheering
■ 自分の行動まとめ

7月中旬 原発作業員の求人 に応募
7月下旬 **県**市にて面接
8/3 Android au購入 原発周辺で使える可能性のあるものを各社に問い合わせた
8/** 21時 **市より車で**へ
8/** **に荷を置いてJヴィレッジへ 管理区域入域前教育(ab教育)
8/** Jヴィレッジで作業者証取得 顔写真付き ID
8/** *mSv 初出勤 防塵マスクの フィルターの交換
8/** *mSv
8/** *mSv サーベイマップでカメラ周辺の空中線量確認(0.3mSv/h)
8/** *mSv
8/** *mSv
8/** *mSv 風邪引く
8/** 休日
8/** *mSv
8/** *mSv
8/** *mSv
8/** *mSv
8/** *mSv
8/** *mSv
8/** *mSv(休日臨時出勤) この日までで*mSv被曝
8/28 この日は休日。
しかし*からJヴィ レッジ、経由して現場まで*********
**:** *→JV**:** 装備品取るタイベック1枚多く手袋一組多く取る トイレで着替えて待つ タイベックに名前は書かない
**:**JV→**:**頃1F 車窓から警備員 に作業者証提示
免震棟******************** フードを深めにし、他の人の後ろに ついて入る マスクをあまり脱がずに移動
線量計 (上限*mSv)借りる この線量計の貸し借りで出入記録がつくし、この日誰にも見つからなくてもこの記録から自分は特定されると思った
トイレで準備 マスク内にICレコーダー スマホ起動 回線はCDMA1x ふくいち ビューワー起動
タイベックに 自分の本当の雇用契約先と名前を書く ただしちょっと薄め 後で偉い人に事情聴取される時、会社の人が同席した場合牽制するため
10時すぎくらいに出口より出る 建物を右右右とまわりカメラのある場所へ カメラ場所はネットや免震棟内掲示物の地図などを認して頭に入れていた
カメラに指さし 手を回したのは大きな動作じゃないと分からないと思ったから スマホを見て自分の位置を中央に修正
このままじゃよくわからないかなと思ってたところ アップで映れるような足場を視認 アップで映る
帰る 入口から入る 出入口****************************
中扉内の脱着や身体サーベイ**************** サーベイ後顔付近をごまかしながらトイレへ
頃合いを見て線量計を返す レシートには
個人番号:******量計番号:**** 使用開始2011/08/28 **:** 使用終了2011/08/28 **:**
γ線線量(mSv)今回:* 立入時間 今回:**:** 印刷日時:2011/08/28 **:**:**
全部で*mSv被曝したことに トイレで待機後
**:**バスで帰る JVか らは*********帰る ついに誰にも咎められなかったことに驚いた
荷をまとめて帰る **********都内へ→**へ帰宅
8/** 退所にあたり社長からWBC受けるよう指示
9/** jビレッジでWBC 測定機器****** 計数率(Ach)****cpm(NET) 換算定数*

福島第一原子力発電所 作業者証
個人番号 ******
所属 **

Qulxel LANDAUER **** **

発行番号 *************
会社名 **
有効期限 2014年8月**日


夕食の例です 食器から特定されそうで掲載をためらっていましたが、現場でいただくレトルト食の画像のみではアンフェアな気がしたので貼ります。



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