Peer Review – Notes On RadNet, EDI and DOD Contracts.

What were the issues that came up?

Issues with radnet, EDI and dod contracts

1. Radnet has not had quarterly reports since 2009.  EDI does the air filter maintenance and should be providing that portion of quarterly reporting. This may be an EDI issue or an EPA issue

2. EDI – they have the EPA contract – quarterly reports have not happened since 2009. Permanent stations were out of order and offline during march-june 2011, some still do not have beta fixed, many were not properly calibrated showing higher radiation before fuku than after due to equipment that had not been maintained. – lots of proof of stations not working. TV station in Richmond WA contacted EPA about broken station, EPA says they won’t bother to fix it.

3. Owner of EDI was DOD deputy secretary during 2008-2009 while her company had DOD/Army contracts and EPA contract . This seems to be violating federal employee rules, specifically the DOD contracts.

4. NRC handing over rad monitoring to NEI on a voluntary basis In late March 2011 and shutdown of RadNet’s expanded testing.

Patricia Bradshaw – Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel.
records indicate she worked in this role at least into April 2009

Documentation of continued employment at DOD:

Feb 2008
March 2008
May 2008
Sept 30, 2008–
January 2009
March 2009
April 2009 Bradshaw quotes in office


IDV PIID : PIID W52P1J08D0035 : 0001: 3: 1 (Delivery Order) Sept 30 2008 – Dept of the Army contract 

IDV PIID : PIID W52P1J08D0035 : 0001: 1: 1 (Delivery Order) May 22, 2008 – Dept of the Army contract 

IDV PIID : PIID W52P1J08D0035 : 0001: 4: 1 (Delivery Order) Dec 23, 2008 – Dept of the Army contract 

IDV PIID : PIID W52P1J08D0035 : 0001: 2: 1 (Delivery Order Aug 14, 2008 –  Dept of the Army contract 

IDV PIID : PIID W52P1J08D0035 : 0001: 1 (Delivery Order March 13, 2008 –  Dept of the Army contract 

PIID: W52P1J08D0035 (IDC)                                                    March 13, 2008 – Dept of the Army contract

*There are other contracts with DOD but they fall beyond where I can document her employment into 2009.

EPA contracts – these are not in violation of federal rules as they are with another agency but document they are doing the radnet contracts.

PIID: EPD08068: 1 (Definitive Contract)  May 2009 EPA contract 

PIID: EPD08068 (Definitive Contract) May 2008 EPA contract

Documentation of their 2011 contract for radnet 

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