Recriticality And Iodine 131 In Rice Belie TEPCO’s Cold Shutdown Story

TEPCO has been touting their “cold shutdown” of the damaged reactors at Fukushima Daiichi for months. Even though they were using the term quite liberally.

Now TEPCO has admitted that “it was undeniable that fission reaction had occurred.”
Yesterday TEPCO was citing it as a possibility.

Then there is this strange statement from a senior official of NISA: “Senior official Yoshinori Moriyama said it is difficult to determine the amount of nuclear fuel remaining in the containment vessel of the No.2 reactor. He said his agency will assess the situation and judge if it is still possible to stably lower temperatures in the reactor and containment vessel.”
Frequently “containment” gets used interchangeably as slang for the Reactor Pressure Vessel and the Containment Vessel. The RPV being the steel container that holds the fuel and the Containment Vessel being the large concrete and steel vessel to hold the RPV with the intention of containing any accidental releases. So is the official of NISA miss-speaking? Or are they admitting they are unsure that the fuel is in the Containment Vessel? If this is the correct interpretation of the statement it would be a major change in plant status that they are considering the fuel may have escaped containment.

Then there is the rice with Iodine 131 contamination. CRMS found rice harvested in October that contained Iodine 131. Since it is a short lived isotope it would need to be both recent and in significant amounts for it to show up in rice harvested in October. TEPCO’s radiation reports from the reactors and around the plant have been posted with Iodine 131 as “non detected” for months. Something doesn’t add up.

Now with recriticality confirmed at Unit 2 and the possibility of the same at units 1 and 3 and the rice finding what else isn’t TEPCO telling the public?

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