Defamatory Pro-Nuclear Opinion Letter Seeks To Divide

A person writing under the name “Andreas Kolb” had an opinion letter published by the Japan Times over the holiday weekend. This is the second letter Kolb has had published by Japan Times. The first was a rather bizarre claim that lowering the elevation of Fukushima Daiichi had nothing to do with the damage inflicted on the plant by the tsunami. Kolb claimed the elevation of the plant was mere “speculation” and “irrelevant”. While this itself is strange, his more recent letter goes outside the bounds of decency claiming some even stranger claims of xenophobia, hate and racism.

The new letter tries to smear actor Taro Yamamoto for his anti-nuclear efforts by claiming that Germany is not fit to be an example of de-nuclear efforts by citing an unfounded screed of defamatory claims against the German people.

Kolb starts out with this rather horrible claim that should have been enough for Japan Times to not print his letter.
 in Germany, children are indoctrinated to hate”

Kolb claims people in Germany are both clueless and inactive and also politically active and organized. Kolb intentionally omits key facts to attempt to frame events in Germany in an utterly dishonest way. He claims people protest against nuclear energy yet know nothing about it. He ignores the central issue of the recent German anti-nuclear protests being the Castor shipments. These shipments take casks of nuclear fuel and transport them through the back yards and countryside of France and Germany. This risk during the transport and the fact that Germany has no fuel storage facility is the root of the Castor protests. Kolb completely omits the “why” of the protests.

He goes on to paint German actions as being ignorant and fearful using any action taken during the early events in Japan and puts them under his biased view. Many flights were haulted and a German search and rescue crew was recalled as they were not needed at that point. Kolb takes two rather benign actions and trumps them up to smear an entire country.

Then for the icing on Kolb’s cake of hate he accuses Germany of having some countrywide racist view of Japan as being a “yellow peril” accusing Germany of claiming children were being used at Fukushima among others, but provides no proof to back up this extremely offensive claim.  This racist term has no use in German common vernacular and none in the west. This bizarre accusation was so far disconnected from reality it caused speculation that Kolb may be a pen name of a nuclear industry lobbyist.

The entire screed is strange, more specifically why does Germany’s decision to move away from nuclear power matter to anyone outside Germany?

It only matters if you have a vested interest in keeping the illusion alive that civilized nations must have nuclear power to survive. If people elsewhere in the world see that a developed country really can function without nuclear power and make good use of renewables they might want the same for themselves. This is a very dangerous thing if your a nuclear power company whose profits depend on keeping the illusion in place that nuclear is indispensable. Dangerous enough that they would attempt to divide people and squash any international cooperation between people to work together on energy issues.

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