US Nuclear Power Is Only 9% Of Power Generation Total

The US Energy Information Administration, released their findings for 2010 that show only 9% of US power consumption capacity was provided by nuclear power.  This flies in the face of the constant claim by nuclear industry lobby groups that the total is 20%. This 20% claim always comes with the claim that the US can’t survive without nuclear power. The same thing the people in Japan were told after Fukushima, while power companies threatened widespread blackouts that never happened. It also came out today that the Japanese government withheld information that showed they were overestimating 2012 power consumption predictions. This omission made it look like Japan would have a 10% shortfall the summer of 2012 when in fact they will not. Instead they will have a 6% surplus. This manipulation is being accused of happening to favor the restart of nuclear reactors in Japan.

It appears that in many places the US consumers are being fed the same manipulated bogus claims that we can’t survive without nuclear power. At only 9% US consumers could easily save that much through conservation alone.

Renewables also now provide more US power than nuclear.

UPDATE: it was pointed out that the chart used above includes some energy for other use beyond electricity. (thanks Risa!) The correct chart that is electricity only is here from US Energy Information Administration

This chart for 2010 from the US Energy Information Administration, the same agency that made the chart quoted previously .
It is electricity only.
Total “nameplate” capacity: 1,138,638, nuclear portion 106,731 for a percentage of: 9.37%
Total summer capacity: 1,039,137, nuclear portion 101,167  for a percentage of 9.73%
Total winter capacity:  1,078,748, nuclear portion 102,984 for a percentage of 9.54%

So the percentage of electricity from nuclear power only increases a fraction of a percent to 9.37% to 9.73% up from 9.0% depending on the total or seasonal capacity. This is nowhere near the 20% figure the NEI insists on telling the public..

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