New Live Radiation Readings In Fukushima

MEXT has released a new website that has live radiation readings at various spots around Fukushima Prefecture. Most stations are at schools or city facilities. There are not any stations on Tomioka, Futuba or Okuma, all cities that are evacuated and have had very high levels. The radiation level limit used for evacuation after Chernobyl is .5 uSv/h. Cities on the list below are not evacuated with the exception of Namie and Iidate. This means that people in many towns are being exposed to Chernobyl evacuation levels still today. The list below is not a total list of areas over the safety limit but merely a sampling.

Koriyama – children’s park center 1.021 uSv/h
Koriyama – Gymnasium western Koriyama .515 uSv/h
Koriyama – riverside park Italian issue .681 uSv/h
Koriyama – tennis field .851 uSv/h
Kawachi liaison office tryst ad… .552 uSv/h
Koriyama – Municipal Takakura… .804 uSv/h
Koriyama – City Waterworks .606 uSv/h
Koriyama – Municipal Junior .900 uSv/h
Koriyama – Five junion high school .588 uSv/h
Koriyama – Kikuta Koriyama Municipal Junior High .857 uSv/h

Fukushima City – Museum of Com Com 1.030 uSv/h
Fukushima City – Watari Learning Center 1.010 uSv/h
Fukushima City – Magarimatsu park complex 1.255 uSv/h
Fukushima City – Reason…park land .814 uSv/h
Fukushima City – Yueyang Municipal Junior High .637 uSv/h
Fukushima City – Watari Municipal Junion High .585 uSv/h
Fukushima City – Hirano Junior High School .685 uSv/h
Fukushima City – Iino Fukushima Municipal Junior .661 uSv/h
Fukushima City – Acorn Child Care 1.308 uSv/h

Nihonmatsu – Iwashiro library .830 uSv/h
Nihonmatsu – Nihonmatsu library .994 uSv/h
Nihonmatsu – Third Municipal Junior High School 1.284 uSv/h
Nihonmatsu – Care College 1.033 uSv/h

Soma – Tamano Municpal Elementary .903 uSv/h

Minamisoma – Lifelong Learning Center lark… .653 uSv/h
Minamisoma – Terauchi community center .553 uSv/h
Minamisoma – Kids Club .511 uSv/h
Minamisoma – Fairy Nursery Association .561 uSv/h
Minamisoma – Nitta river waterfront park 1.421 uSv/h
Minamisoma – Ishigami Park 1.189 uSv/h
Minamisoma – Baba Auditorium 1.386 uSv/h

Namie – Elementary School 5.900 uSv/h
Namie – Tsushima Municipal Junior High 2.628 uSv/h
Namie – Tsushi… 9.841 uSv/h

Iidate – Kusano village kindergarten 2.031 uSv/h
Iidate – Itoi kindergarten 2.306 uSv/h
Iidate – Junior high school 2.907 uSv/h
Iidate – school Soma 3.263 uSv/h

Shirakawa – Daishin Municipal Junior High .503 uSv/h
Shirakawa – Hospital Nursery .587 uSv/h
Shirakawa – Children’s Club Odagawa .507 uSv/h
Shirakawa – #3 Midorigaoka Park New.. .557 uSv/h
Shirakawa – Park Hills Park #1 .583 uSv/h
Shirakawa – #5 New Town Park .509 uSv/h

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