Unit 2 More Troubles, Unit 4 Continues To Have Water Leak

Unit 2 has seen the temperature steadily increase despite daily attempts to increase cooling. The pressure at unit 2 is also up just slightly over recent days. Radiation may have increased in the torus. TEPCO cites a faulty gauge but the jump coincides with the temperature and pressure increases. The temperature at unit 2 as of the most recent report is now 71.7 celsius at the RPV bottom. It is up 3.1 degrees in 5hours. One of the workers who tweets is expressing concern over unit 2 more so than unit 4 right now.
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Fukushima Diary warns that if the temperature hits 80 degrees they will have to warn local governments, unsure of his source on that but sounds plausible. TEPCO made a cryptic statement about the Drywell HVH sensor. It isn’t clear if they consider it confirmed or they are unsure but they are paying specific attention to this sensor that has seen an increase in temperatures. The statement was in the CSV reactor data reports.

“”不具合の可能性が確認されたため原因調査中(D/W HVH戻り温度,原子炉抑制室ガス温度) – (Temperature, room temperature gas reactor suppressed return D / W HVH) being investigated for potential cause of failure “has been confirmed
状況推移を継続確認中とする(D/W HVH戻り温度,原子炉抑制室ガス温度) – (Temperature, room temperature gas reactor suppressed return D / W HVH) to ensure continuity in the transition state”

TEPCO made the following statement in their reactor report yesterday:
” To improve reliability of water injection to the reactors, the injection line connecting to the reactor injection pump on the hill was replaced with polyethylene pipes and we have been changing the route for reactor injection from feed water system to reactor core spray system in a stepwise manner. After completion of adjusting water flow amount as planned on February 2, tendency of temperature rise at the bottom of PCV was observed. Thus, at 7:20 pm on February 3, we changed the injection amount into Unit 2 reactor through feed water system from approx. 2.9 m3/h to approx. 4.9 m3/h and changed that though reactor core spray system from approx. 5.8 m3/h to approx. 3.8 m3/h (which means setting them at those of before flow adjustment on February 1). As for the temperature rise, the temperature at the upper head of the bottom of PCV has risen to approx. 66.8 °C at the highest (as of 7 am on February 4), but currently, it is approx. 64.8°C (as of 11 am on February 4). The trend of the temperature rise seems to be steady and we will monitor it continuously. The current water injection amount from the reactor feed water system is approx. 4.8 m3/h and that from the core spray system is approx. 3.8 m3/h”  

TEPCO is monitoring the situation, currently the efforts to cool by adjustments to water flow do not seem to be working. We will continue to report the situation at unit 2.

Unit 4 continues to have a leak in the skimmer of the spent fuel pool. Workers are struggling to find the source, meanwhile water is accumulating in the basement.  There are concerns that pipes inside unit 4 have frozen causing some of the issues.

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