Unit 2 Now At 75 Degrees, Other System Changes

Unit 2  had been trending back down after a temperature spike over the last week. Today TEPCO sent out an email to the media declaring the temps have reached 74.9 celsius.

Temperatures at the other two sensors had been increasing but began to trend back down after February 7th.. They are now both back down around 35 degrees, having been in the 40’s since February 1st.

Temps of the sensor that has been showing the problem had been hitting around 70 degrees every 12 hours but dropping back down considerably in between. The newer readings are showing not just higher spikes, now into the mid 70’s but the lows are now closer to 70 degrees. The last low swing was in the 68-69 degree range.

Water apparently is seeing a bottle neck. This statement appears to indicate that an increased rate in the pipe system didn’t cause an increase at the core spray.

45 minutes at 10 pm on February 11, was increased to 7.8 [m3 / h] from about 6.8 [m3 / h] about the amount of irrigation water from the piping system. ※ amount of irrigation piping from the reactor core spray system is not changed in the 6.8 [m3 / h] about. Total, while in the reactor coolant to 14.6 [m3 / h] about

As of the last TEPCO report today the core at unit 2 is being watered evenly out of the core spray and the feedwater system yet the temp at the “0” sensor continues to climb.
The current water injection amount from the reactor feed water system is approx. 6.7 m3/h and that from the core spray system is approx. 6.7 m3/h.

Speculation had been that melted fuel may have existed on both sides of the core shroud, causing some of the uncooperative response to watering changes. Now with even distribution of cooling water between the two systems the temps on that side of the reactor are going higher. Clearly something isn’t working as it had to keep temps down. We will be tracking reactor data for new trends.

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