Unit 2 Scope Results; What We Found

The second unit 2 scope project has been completed. TEPCO has released this PDF report on the project. Now in English here.

Water was found 60cm above the concrete floor of the primary containment vessel. This indicates water is likely flowing out through the torus vent tubes.
The elevation drawing shows where the 60cm of water would be located and it falls just at the lip of the vent tubes. It also shows that water is not staying
in the torus as no water has built up and backed up into the main containment vessel. Water is leaving the torus. Water has to also be leaving the
torus basement, aka: suppression chamber basement. Radiation is increased lower and towards the middle of containment hinting at some fuel
involvement in the pedestal or below the pedestal. Previous years graphs also show some early radiation spikes in the suppression chamber.
More data is needed to make more solid assumptions. We are continuing to analyze the new information.

Reactor data:
Other data we have is to try to determine the status of unit 2 is reactor data for the first year of the accident.

Unit 2 radiation data: Drywell “A” sensor was initially very high in March 2011, Mid-April 2011 Torus “B” became very high until late May it drops off.
Unit 2 pressure data: Since the explosion at unit 2 the “core” or RPV pressure and the torus pressure have stayed together at about the same pressure.
Unit 2 core water: Levels have stayed largely the same since the end of March 2011
Unit 2 temperatures: two upward swings between mid-April and June. Early March 2011 data is not available from TEPCO

Other information:
Fukushima Diary reports worker Happy thinks corium could be in suppression chamber.
Unit 2 was found to have highly contaminated water leaking out into the intake canal and a nearby trench very early in the accident.

Unit 2’s containment was tested for temperatures and also radiation the following day along the same area near the scope point.
Temperatures along the testing area are steady with tiny increases at higher elevations.
Radiation increased the lower and closer to the mid-line of containment.




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