UPDATE: TEPCO Backdates Public Reports, Scales Back Public Accountability

We previously reported that TEPCO had cut off all public data monitoring. As of the evening of March 19 (US time) they had, more on this in a bit.

TEPCO has now rearranged and released a very scaled back set of public data as of March 20th (US time).

The following data is no longer being released to the public:
Radiation readings
Containment Temps
Torus Temps
Units 5-6 reports
Water levels
CSV for water and pressure only contains temps and xenon (no water level or pressure reading)
Hourly csv for unit 4 is missing – there is one for 5-6
No csv file for 5-6 every 6 hours

This data is still important. Readings for containment and the torus area are critical to understanding the true status of the reactors. TEPCO has provided no excuse for quietly shutting out the public over the weekend. They also scaled back their press conferences at the same time. TEPCO claims the press conferences were scaled back because they have less to report, ignoring the role conferences play in giving the public, or at least journalists for the public, a chance to ask TEPCO questions.

TEPCO backdated reports on March 20th.
As of March 20th (US time) TEPCO put up reports backdated from the 20th to the 16th. We know this because one of the ongoing reports didn’t get a new web address. Most of these other new scaled down reports have new web addresses. The table summary address stayed the same. Up until March 20th (US time) reports for March 16-20 were not available. Now they are there.
March 20th report
March 16th report that now shows up but was absent all weekend and Monday

This data is important public knowledge. TEPCO put Japan and the whole world at risk by their negligent actions of ignoring the obvious risks at the plant before the disaster. The disaster is far from over and the omitted data is key to understanding the true nature of the reactor units and their ongoing state of instability. JapanTimes agrees and calls the plant a “long way from being out of the woods”.  Until cooling is no longer needed and the spent fuel pools are empty TEPCO owes the public full disclosure of the status at the reactors. They must restart the full data feeds and reports.

A list of the locations of the new TEPCO reports can be found here.


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