Friday Fukushima News Roundup

In the face of growing opposition among the majority political party, heavy public opposition and a local governor who is still on the fence, PM Noda has stated they will postpone a decision to restart reactors at the Oi nuclear plant. Over 1/3 of the DPJ ruling party sent a letter of disapproval over the reactor restarts to PM Noda. 71% of the public do not want this hasty restart of nuclear reactors. Last week thousands protested in Tokyo demanding a stop to the restart push.

It also came out this week that years before the disaster NISA opposed improving safety to match international standards.

A womens hospital in Tokyo posted a sign that they will not test or treat people for radiation related illnesses. The hospital claimed a need to follow their appointment referral procedure and also that there is an issue with the national government when it comes to radiation exposure but didn’t elaborate. The hospital is known for thyroid treatment.

An online petition has been started to demand an end to the reactor restart push.  Anyone can sign it.

TEPCO released more seafood testing data today. Some fish in the testing were extremely high and many were over the current maximum allowed limit of 100 bq/kg. The readings that were in the high hundreds to four digit readings were a mix of predator fish and bottom feeders. Fish testing seems to be finding higher readings in certain groups of fish. Those that are slow growing medium to larger predator fish that feed on a variety of other fish and invertebrates were quite high. Other fish that reside along the bottom of the sea and consume invertebrates and small fish also seemed to be reading higher. This follows the known patterns of bio-accumulation in sea life.  Fish Testing Results (pdf file)

In another example of people being more outspoken about the implications of the disaster, a local woman confronted NISA officials at a meeting asking them if they were man enough to protect women and children. The NISA officials just squirmed.

JAEA was found making contracts on the sly with nuclear companies using last year’s budget in preparation to restart the Monju fast breeder reactor.

TEPCO has put a steel cover over the spent fuel pool at unit 4. They claim it is for safety and to prevent objects from falling into the fuel pool.

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