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The EPA Radiation Standard for Spent-Fuel Storage in a Geological Repository Background Information
November 2006

Click to access ps81-bi.pdf

Energy Policy act of 1992 covers rad waste:

“Among the provisions is Section 801, which directs the United States Environmental Protection Agency to promulgate radiation protection standards for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository. The Yucca Mountain site has been designated by the Federal government to serve as the permanent disposal site for used nuclear fuel and other radioactive materials from commercial nuclear power plants and U.S. Department of Defense activities.”

bill text:

DOE on the 1992 energy policy act

EPA spent fuel and high level waste standards

Uranium millings, tailings etc:
Yucca mtn standards

“On December 19, 1984, the Department of Energy selected ten locations in six states for consideration as potential repository sites. This was based on data collected for nearly ten years. The ten sites were studied and results of these preliminary studies were reported in 1985. Based on these reports, President Ronald Reagan approved three sites for intensive scientific study called site characterization. The three sites were Hanford, Washington; Deaf Smith County, Texas; and Yucca Mountain. In 1987, Congress amended the Nuclear Waste Policy Act and directed DOE to study only Yucca Mountain, which is already located within a former nuclear test site.”

1975 is the original search for sites according to this:

AEC>Energy Research and Development Administration in 1975?

Oak Ridge past disposal tactics

This identifies and talks about ERDA sites #6 and #9

Click to access ONeil_et_al_1986_App_Geochem.pdf

Book fuel cycle to nowhere talks about a Kansas cite that AEC said was safe and had issues

page 25 talks about site selection

Another book on nuclear waste issues and what has gone on to date
Senate report on Yucca – to Inhoffe (not sure if this is politically slanted or factual)

Click to access YuccaMountainEPWReport.pdf

1989 earthquake hazard report on Yucca from geological group

Yucca concept drawing

This claims the metals used in the Yucca casks won’t last properly

Monitored retrievable storage law

DOE monitored retrievable storage background

paper on MRS

Click to access 18.pdf

GAO report says DOE should provide more info on MRS and says they focused too much on MRS rather than long term storage

National Academy of sciences report on Yucca Mtn
research paper on the same

Nuclear storage container paper

WIPP paper on Transuranic waste casks

Nevada on storage containers

NRC on rad waste
NRC package certification

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