SimplyInfo Is Moving!

Our current live blog will be moving July 2nd to ! We will now have a permanent home of our own.

The new live blog chat has many of the features people are used to like inline images & video along with some new useful features like private messaging. This new system is much less intrusive to join the conversation. People can make their own login ID on the fly without providing any personal information or they can log in with their Twitter, Facebook, Google or other online account.

We have a complete set of instructions, tips and how-to’s for the new chat here, to help answer questions. If you need additional help contact us here.
The Hipchat account will stay active from July 2nd to July 10th for assistance only to move people to the new chat. Please post all discussions, questions and news to the new live blog chat July 2nd and after.

Hipchat has been great, they helped us out in a pinch when ScribbleLive deleted our account with no warning then refused to explain why. It was intended as a temporary solution. Hipchat has some drawbacks, it is a closed system intended for private offices to communicate. It lacks the openness that was one of the great and unique things about the original live blog where we had tens of thousands of people participating. Hipchat is also quite expensive. ScribbleLive was too. Both systems left the group at the mercy of a corporate entity that can shut things down on a whim.

This issue of dependence on a 3rd party to be able to exist caused the technical team to look for “open source” solutions where we would have control over the live blog system. Open source programming is an ideal fit for a group based on crowd sourced information since both share many of the same goals. After considerable research we rolled out a test live blog based on the open source program JabbR. This is the program we will be using for the new live blog chat.

A big thanks to Edano, Ron R, Peter Melzer, Arthur Hu of SimplyInfo and David Fowler from JabbR for their work and assistance in launching the new live blog.

This article would not be possible without the extensive efforts of the SimplyInfo research team
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