A Bad Week For Nuclear Power

It has not been a good week for nuclear power around the world. These are just some of the things that came across our news feeds.

EDF announced they want a guaranteed price for nuclear power at a planned new nuclear reactor in the UK of 165 British pounds per megawatt hour. By comparison wind power is currently at 135 British pounds per megawatt hour and the government has said they have a target price of 100 megawatt hour. The UK government doesn’t seem too interested in corporate welfare for nuclear.

Florida denied Gulf Power’s request to charge power customers today for a nuclear plant they may or may not build in the future.

The Duke – Progress Energy merger has caused the likely cancellation of 6 new nuclear power plant projects.

Constellation Nuclear 855-MW took the Unit 1 at the Calvert Cliffs nuclear plant in Maryland offline by early Wednesday due to a small leak in an instrument line. The company said it had already fixed the plant and was ramping up the unit. The unit was at 10% power as of July 18th.

Unit 1 at the Oconee nuclear plant in South Carolina also shut by early Wednesday. Details about the Oconee shutdown were not immediately available to comment.

Nine Mile Point 1 nuclear reactor in New York automatically shut on Tuesday due to high neutron flux

Limerick nuclear plant in Pennsylvania shut early Wednesday, according to power traders.  An explosion was heard at the plant, the power company claims nothing critical was impacted. This report says it was a transformer.

Power voltage has been lowered in New York City and DC at the same time the region is experiencing higher than normal heat. The east coast of the US is heavily dependent on nuclear power. All of these nuclear outages are in the east coast grid.

The Braidwood nuclear station in Illinois is running due to special permission from the NRC as the river it uses for water is increasingly hot due to the heat wave gripping the US. The water in the cooling pond is over 100 degrees, violating the reactor’s environmental permit to use the river for cooling water. In 2010 Browns Ferry had to reduce to 50% power and find non-nuclear generation sources to replace the power after a heat wave caused heat issues with the river.

3 women members of the DPJ party in Japan have joined the political defections from the party. They cited the nuclear reactor restarts as the reason for leaving. They plan to join a new party called Green Wind. Their leaving puts the DPJ 3 seats short of losing their majority status.

METI backpeddled today ordering further investigation of possibly active fault lines under multiple reactors in Japan including units at Oi, Shika, Tsuruga & Monju


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