Fukushima Workers Forced To Fake Radiation Levels

Contract workers at Fukushima Daiichi were forced by bosses to cover their dosimeters in lead covers. The dosimeter is the device that records their radiation dose. Workers, once they reach a maximum exposure level can no longer work at the plant. All of this was going on as the levels for exposure have been set at incredibly high levels due to the magnitude of the disaster. The level was originally 250 mSv and may have been lowered slightly in recent months.

Workers at the contractor company for some reason recorded the meeting with workers, the bosses instructing the workers to fake their exposure levels is apparently on tape according to Japanese media. This story broke yesterday in Japanese media and quickly spread. The BBC has more details in English here. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-18936831

Sadly this is not a shock to anyone who has been following the disaster closely. We have been seeing worker reports in various interviews and their own twitter comments over the last year plus that workers have been urged to do various tricks to fake their exposure levels so they can keep working. Some workers cited last year that their dosimeters would error out when they passed by very high radiation areas indicating that their true dose may not have been recorded by the device. Some workers would leave their dosimeter in one location, run in to accomplish a task then run back and retrieve their dosimeter. These past comments along with the new proof this has been a systematic problem is a worrying situation. This means that the readings taken of workers who have achieved maximum exposure are likely far higher and those that continue to work are likely well over that rather high maximum exposure level.

This also raises new questions about the suspicious worker deaths. TEPCO quickly claimed none of these deaths were radiation related but a number of these deaths involved long times between the worker falling ill at the plant and being transported to a hospital. One young man quickly died of “acute leukemia” after working at the plant the week a deadly high hot spot was discovered. A couple of others simply dropped dead and had their deaths described as overwork or heart attacks. The work at the plant is very physically demanding work. Working in radiation gear with a respirator is difficult, the summer heat adds to the challenge but neither explain some of the oddities in the reports.

Below are some of our previous reports on the workers and the working conditions at Daiichi. They do not paint a good picture of worker conditions of the plant. In light of this new admission what has really been going on that we don’t know in these old reports?

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