News Roundup 7.2.2012

Japan begins energy saving for the summer, even as Oi nuclear plant goes back online

Experts have determined that a 35 meter tall tsunami is possible in Hokkaido.

Artist Misato Yugi, known for the “red pebbles” art depicting radiation and children has released a “hydrangea revolution” poster that can be printed and used for protests.

More information has come out about the fault lines that run under Oi nuclear plant and the probability of them being active.
This blog post contains the technical details and translates easily
The PDF can be found here

Apparently the Fukushima government has found all their “lost” speedi reports sent to them but never shared with the public or local governments right after the start of the Fukushima Daiichi disaster. The government claimed a worker deleted them to save space.

Enformable found a very touching photo from the OI blockade protest over the weekend. Protesters sheltered police manning a blockade line with their umbrellas.

TEPCO has released details on the power outage over the weekend at unit 4 Fukushima Daiichi. The UPS failed causing both the main cooling system and the back up system to lose power for days. handouts_120702_01-e
TEPCO also released a document on the desalination and water condition of the SFP of unit 2 Fukushima Daiichi. The water chemistry is critical towards keeping the spent fuel from corroding.
Unit 6 Fukushima Daiichi has a small amount of smoke out of an electrical panel that handles the service air needed to operate various instruments and systems at the plant.

In the US nuclear plant owner Entergy has terminated health insurance for nuclear power plant workers they have locked out of the plant in a dispute over allowing the workers to retain basic benefits.

Protesters were arrested at the gates of Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, owned by Entergy.

Nuclear and fossil fuel power plants in the US are “burning up” rivers as extreme droughts hit the southeast US and risk water shortages as these plants consume water and release heated water back into rivers.

A number of petitions and funding drives are going on:
This petition is asking the US dept. of Energy to stop the impending loan guarantee for the Vogtle nuclear plant. The plant is already over budget, behind schedule and plagued with problems and improperly done work

Moms & Child Rescue Fukushima has a petition trying to gain 1 million signatures to urge the governor of Fukushima to move small children living within 30km of the nuclear disaster and those living in hot spots to somewhere safe.

Hachiko Team is raising money to assist the various animal rescue groups in Japan that have been rescuing animals in the evacuation zone. Many need extensive medical care and require boarding and food until their family can be found or a new home found if needed.


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