Strontium 90 Found In Throughout Japan From Fukushima

UPDATE: Some old readings from 2011 taken near the plant and around the evacuation zone give an idea of the stronium 90 levels in Fukushima where MEXT refuses to give any data.

3.3 to 32 becquerels of stronium 90 per kilogram of soil in samples taken from 3 locations in Namie Town and Iitate Village, 30 kilometers from the plant. date: March 16-19 2011
An extremely small amount of stronium was also found in plants taken from Motomiya City, Ono Town and Otama and Nishigo Villages. The areas are 40 to 80 kilometers from the Fukushima plant. date: March 16-19 2011
TEPCO reported detecting 2,800 becquerels of stronium 89 per kilogram of soil
, this was possibly some time in April 2011 tested 500m from the plant.
Those March readings are from the Science Ministry aka: MEXT. So they were manually testing around the prefecture and have at least some data for Fukushima.
MEXT released stronium 90 readings for Japan from the Fukushima disaster that they have hidden from the public since the start of the disaster. No explanation was given why this information was withheld for so long. The new document shows 10 prefectures that have stronium 90 readings higher than they were after Chernobyl. Looking at the entire disclosure most of the prefectures in Japan have some stronium 90 contamination from Fukushima. This is something not regularly being tested for in food in Japan, cesium has been the focus.

Ex-SKF has a great write up about the comparison to Chernobyl levels.

Stronium 90 has a half life of 29.74 years. The drastic drop of stronium 90 levels after April in some areas is not fully understood if it is due to low levels and decay or if numbers are altered. Things such as decontaminating around radiation monitoring stations has been mentioned by various people in the know in Japan as one way the government has managed to skew levels given to the public.

Our compiled map of March-April readings for all prefectures except Fukushima and Miyagi is below. The government continues to claim it has no readings for those areas due to the tsunami and earthquake even though considerable inland sections of both prefectures were not hit by the tsunami.

Map of prefectures:

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