The New US Nuclear Propaganda Weapon – Women

The US nuclear industry’s lobbyists, NEI have a new tactic up their sleeve. Using women to convince the public how “safe” nuclear power is.

The twitter account @WomenInNuclear refers to this website: that is owned by NEI (the US nuclear industry’s lobbyists).
NEI owns that domain name.

The NEI sponsored WINUS conference is going on now in Florida at Disneyworld.
The existence of a women’s professional group for those working in the nuclear industry isn’t much of a big deal. The emerging tactic found weaving
through the twitter posts for the conference hashtag were. Using women as the messenger of an industry’s propaganda is pretty tasteless.
In light of the suffering in Japan caused to many women & children by nuclear power, this kind of thing is inexcusable.
Some tweets from the hashtag:
Tracy Mason @traymay5#USWIN2012 Christine Neely sharing tried and true principles of stakeholder outreach. . @WomenInNuclear

This tweet tipped us off to the whole scheme:
Laura Scheele @lscheele Women in #Nuclear are powerful communicators – women have a lot of credibility on #energy issues #uswin2012
Ms Scheele is the communications manager for the American Nuclear Society. Her twitter page comes with a nice “eco” background, to add to the
greenwashing campaign.  There are plenty more to be found on twitter.

All of this has been running in recent days on the hashtag #USWIN2012
The accounts for @WomenInNuclear and Scheele, at the American Nuclear Society saw very little activity for years until this years conference.

There is also a column on “Clean Energy Insight” found off the #uswin2012 twitter tag, called “Mothers In Nuclear” where they talk about how great Nuclear power is, complete with warm fuzzy picture of a mom and their kid. Clean Energy Insight is owned Areva Nuclear.



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