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Minamisoma Article Notes, Questions, Points Etc.

Iodine 131 exposure is not known or included.

Exposure level before scans not known or estimated. No dose reconstruction has been done.

ICRP (source for the 1 mSv) appears to include external and internal exposure, WBC only internal (needs confirmation)

Scans show cesium only, contamination from other radionuclides like strontium 90, plutonium etc are not tested for and not known.

Nothing has been done to estimate where people were or their exposure path.

The reasoning that adults inhaled and children ate their contamination has no supporting evidence. *The doctor that led the study states that
two adults in Minamisoma that had 20,000 and 10,000 bq scans were eating local food as the reason for their high levels. These two people
are not in the study.

Documented data from Minamisoma scans shows varied levels of exposure. HS student w/ combined cesium exposure of 3883 bq
12 HS students w/ over 50 bq/kg had 2400-7000 bq body scans

Minamisoma data spreadsheet here:

1.2 uSv/h in Minamisoma. Annual = 10512 uSv/yr. Converts to 10.512 mSv/yr So just BEING in that area puts someone over the 1 mSv ICRP annual exposure limit.

intake over a year of 100,000bq  = 1 mSv. So eating 100,000bq of cesium from your food over a year you would reach 1 mSv for the year just from food exposure.

Example 3883 bq whole body turned into .013 uSv x 3883 = .05 mSv

Reference tools:,_E

Conversion Becquerel/Sievert and Sievert/Becquerel
1 Bq                 = 0.013 microsievert
1 microsievert = 76.923 Beq




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