PEER REVIEW: Aug 2012Unit 4 issues

Notes on Unit 4 that we have found recently:

Unit 4 machine translated reports to NISA on building stability. There are some new cracks found in west wall


Plant stats before the Aug 29th quake:

Water flow to the reactors was increased after the quake. TEPCO cites water flow detected IN the reactors dropped yet the pump rates going in were the same. They then increased pump rates and kept them there.

Plant stats main page to look up any day’s sheet.

Below is in reference to a conversation about Unit 4’s stability:
Elicia’s statements fr. TEPCO meeting
When the TEPCO officials were asked about this, it was quite comical. First they made it clear that they don’t believe an earthquake bigger than 6 will come. Then one official said that as far as they know there is nothing in the fuel pool that would would catch on fire… and when asked about emergency preparations, they replied that they have prepared a concrete water pump (at which point many audience members shouted out that the whole point is that water can’t be used to put out the fire)
In terms of what they got out of TEPCO– not much useful. TEPCO said today that the fuel pool could withstand a level 6 earthquake, but as an audience member today pointed out, their simulation is only with regards to vertical shaking, not horizontal shaking (and TEPCO admitted to this). It also doesn’t incorporate the length of time of shaking. One major point that Arnie made was that in the case that there’s an earthquake higher than 6, the fuel pool could break and water could leak out, exposing the fuel rods and letting them catch on fire. In such a situation water can’t be used to put out the fire, but there are chemicals that can be used instead– and Arnie was saying that such chemicals should simply be prepared on site IN CASE.

The main NGO that hosted this meeting is called Stop the Monju (
Peter points out the issues with the gate.
Dean mentioned the gate and bellows seal and also the steel pool liner, any way to block off part of the pool in a leak?
Unit 4:

Aug 30 quake:

According to TEPCO, an employee who was watching the amount of water injected noticed the drop at 3PM on August 30. Normally, 4.9 tonnes/hour of water is injected into Reactor 1, and 7.0 tonnes/hour of water into Reactors 2 and 3. However, [at 3PM on August 30], the amount for Reactor 1 dropped to 4.0 tonnes/hour, for Reactor 2 to 5.5 tonnes/hour, and for Reactor 3 to 5.6 tonnes, which were below the minimum necessary amount [as specified in the safety regulations] to cool the reactors by 0.3 to 0.6 tonnes[/hour]. TEPCO adjusted the valves to bring the amount back up to the normal levels. – EX SKF
Kyodo News mentions something stuck in the pipes


Also noted at Unit 4 was a photoshopped image:

Some images we found of the same area put the location as the garage opening of the building. It is frequently omitted from photos now for some reason. The garage stall has been removed.




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