10 Things To Know About The EU Nuclear Stress Tests

Ten Things You Should Know About The EU Stress Tests

1. Aircraft crashes were not considered in the EU nuclear stress tests.

2. Reactors were missing hydrogen valves at Tschechia, Bulgarien, Rumania, Slowakia, Slowenia, Schweden, Spain and Great Britain.

3. Battery capacity and recharging was considered inadequate at all nuclear plants.

4. There is no on-site seismic instrumentation yet in Dukovany NPP (CZ), Brokdorf, Brunsbuettel, Emsland, Grohnde, Kruemmel and Unterweser NPPs (D), Borssele NPP (NL), Oskarshamn NPP (SE) and in all Ukrainian NPPs.

5. Severe weather early warning systems and relevant operating procedures were not in place in Sweden and some other locations.

6. In France, no probabilistic seismic hazard assessment (PSHA) is used except for 3 plants (Saint-Alban, Flamanville and Civaux).

7. Facilities in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Netherlands lacked reinforcement of buildings that housed critical equipment like fire trucks and diesel generators.

8. European nuclear plants should withstand 0.9 gal, some German units don’t withstand it. Some German units can only handle about a magnitude 6-7 quake. All German reactors have no seismometers, some others in Europe do not either.

9. Filtered venting is not in place or required across the board in the EU.

10. A back up emergency control room is not in place or required across the board in the EU.

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