Yamashita Declared Nobody Should Get Iodine After Fukushima Disaster

The well known doctor behind the Fukushima Health Survey already has a long list of admissions and statements that have offended people worldwide. He told people to “smile” to prevent radiation damage and has admitted himself in numerous ways that the entire survey is a sham.

This old article from March 22nd 2011 quotes Dr. Yamashita telling the public that the levels leaking out of Fukushima Daiichi were so low that nobody should have needed protective iodine tablets. Today we all know how absolutely untrue this is. He said this:

“Information about radiation risks has not been correctly communicated. Under the current levels, administering iodine pills is unnecessary.”

The Yomiuri newspaper included this in an article declaring the same view that exposure levels were low and iodine unnecessary.

Both Asahi Shimbun and the Wall Street Journal declared this to be completely wrong in articles a few months later.

What is even more telling in the Yomiuri article is the association they list for Dr. Yamashita before he became involved with the health survey.
“Nagasaki University Prof. Shunichi Yamashita, who is also the head of the World Health Organization’s Collaboration Center for Research on Radiation Emergency Medicine“.

When Dr. Yamashita is cited in the press now only the Nagasaki University association is mentioned. The WHO has come under fire even before the Fukushima disaster for a long standing agreement with the IAEA. This 1959 agreement binds the WHO to only do things the IAEA approves of. Since the IAEA’s stated purpose is to promote nuclear power this is a big conflict of interest.

This does give some good insight into where Dr. Yamashita is coming from. His work in the past along with his ongoing statements since the disaster and implementation of the Health Survey may be all part of one continuing effort on his part. What is not clear at this point is how much influence and involvement has the IAEA and WHO had in the set up and conduct of the Fukushima Health Survey. It also raises more concerns about Dr. Yamashita’s actions to have himself appointed the head of the Japan Thyroid Association and then demand doctors stop practicing medicine related to possible radiation induced illness in patients.

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