Japan Nuclear Watchdog New US Adviser, Nuclear Power Executive

Kyodo announced that the NRA has brought on some foreign advisers. These foreign advisers will be in Japan on an IAEA sponsored trip. These new advisers seemed a bit odd since the NRA has so far been making some progress on establishing a new safety analysis program.

US adviser Richard Meserve was touted as being a former chairman of the NRC. This does not begin to explain Meserve’s allegiances, conflicts of interest or his history.

Meserve is in management at Luminent Energy, a company that owns US nuclear power plants. The parent company of Luminent sits on the main board for ALEC, a US based group of corporations that attempts to write US laws to favor their corporate contributors. ALEC has been implicated in a long list of schemes to erode rights and hand over government to corporations.

Meserve works for the IAEA. He is chairman of the iAEA International Nuclear Safety Group. The IAEA as a core part of their charter promotes the use of nuclear power.

Meserve sits on the board of PG&E a US power utility that owns the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant. In 2011 he was given over $89,000 USD in company stock as compensation for being on the board. Forbes says he owns 13,188 shares of PG&E stock.

Meserve gave this lecture in 2007 promoting new nuclear power, The lecture also promoted international construction of nuclear and calls the nuclear waste problems around the world a “needless barrier” to new nuclear construction. This is not the lecture of an impartial academic.

Meserve wrote this opinion piece in 2010 promoting nuclear power titled “Time to Go Nuclear on Energy”.

The addition of Meserve to the NRA’s operations as an adviser was presented on the surface to be benign. Meserve employed by two nuclear power utilities and has a track record of promoting nuclear power over other energy sources. Were the NRA to put a nuclear power executive from a Japan utility on as an adviser it would be a cause of outrage.




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