Friday Fukushima & Nuclear News Roundup

TEPCO erases documents
TEPCO managed to pull a document off the web, completely. Fukushima Diary and some Japanese language blogs had been sharing this document from earlier this month. The document appears to have been published by JAEA and was in an obscure section of the website. It caught people’s attention as it showed high levels of Cobalt 60 as being found on the fuel assemblies removed from unit 4’s spent fuel pool. Now the document has been deleted off TEPCO’s website and it wasn’t up long enough for Google to make a cached copy. It also was not found on the JAEA website. If anyone has a copy of this document please let us know.

City requires solar on all new homes
A city in California has passed an ordinance that requires all new homes built must have a solar power system installed.

New US Gallup poll shows nuclear very unpopular
A new Gallup poll shows the US people to be very supportive of renewables like wind and solar and heavily against nuclear power. The unpopularity of nuclear becomes even worse when compared to political leanings. Those with more progressive political views had the lowest approval of nuclear power.

KEPCO stacked more public nuclear meetings
Mainichi found another instance of KEPCO faking public support at events intended to gauge public support for government nuclear policy. 83% of the attendees at one of these public meetings in Saga prefecture were actually KEPCO employees sent to influence the meeting.

“Housewives” run KEPCO front group
A Japanese NPO run by “housewives” to educate other housewives about energy was discovered by Mainichi to be getting almost half of its funding from KEPCO. The group is also headed by Chiiko Inoue who has also worked on energy policy at the government level. Members of the NPO also attended public events to stump for nuclear power. The content of the group’s housewives events included tours of nuclear plants and in depth programs that promotes nuclear power. The group attempted to deny any bias in their group but admitted the KEPCO funding was critical to being able to operate.

US town helpless to prevent a nuclear plant
Residents of Muscatine county Iowa are unanimously against a plan by MidAmerican Energy to build a new nuclear plant in their town. Public meetings to discuss the issue showed the people and the local government are all strongly against this plan. County officials said they are unsure if they even have any say in the process. In the US there is no official process to obtain approval for a nuclear plant at the local level. States have some limited authority for things like environmental regulations but most authority over nuclear plants is trumped by the NRC. The NRC has no process or policy of obtaining any sort of local approval or consent, they only handle decisions on technical issues.

More highly radioactive fish
TEPCO released more fish testing data that showed some very highly contaminated fish are being found outside of the plant. The contamination continues to be heavily skewed to certain species.


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