Fukushima & Nuclear News Roundup; May 16, 2013


TEPCO conducted a “terror drill” at the Daini nuclear plant where they simulated an attack on a plant. This is the only time you will probably see TEPCO employees under arrest.

A new paper shows how contamination has been moving through the waterways in Japan. This is something we predicted would happen in 2011. Contamination just like soil and other materials is transported along natural pathways.

Japan’s NRA is urging the operator of the Oi nuclear plant to accept the determination that there are 3 active faults at the nuclear plant. KEPCO does not want to account for the 3 active faults when determining plant safety standards.

Hot spots were found near a river in Chiba, local authorities blocked off the areas. Contamination is not just a problem in Fukushima.

Santee Cooper power company has excess electricity capacity but still wants to build a new nuclear plant, they just can’t find anyone to invest in it.

A recent analysis found that building and running a natural gas plant would be considerably cheaper than operating the planned Levy nuclear plant in Florida. Even with building a second gas plant to replace the first one, the gas plant would be cheaper.

Batteries prove themselves as a cheaper source of energy. A wind to battery project in the US beat out fossil sources.

One of the current NRC commissioners was found to have significant financial interests in Honeywell. The company operates a number of nuclear related businesses including a uranium fabrication plant that has been the subject of repeated problems with the NRC yet somehow always got a pass from the agency.

The UK plan to build new nuclear reactors hits another snag. EDF who wants to build them has now doubled the time it would take to build the units. UK utility Centrica has pulled their stake out of the project citing rising costs and the longer build times as making them a poor investment.

The North Anna nuclear reactor in Virginia is again plagued with problems. This time repeated shutdowns. Workers are still trying to determine the exact cause but cited abnormal vibrations as part of the problem.

US Republican Senator Lindsay Graham has been trying to save the Mox plant to nowhere in his state. The project has been labeled a big waste of taxpayer money yet Graham has been trying to secure full funding for the project at the same time demanding federal budget cuts. No nuclear plant in the US uses or plans to use MOX fuel.


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