New Fukushima Admissions Buried In TEPCO Reporting

TEPCO’s reporting as of late has made knowing what is going on a serious challenge. They still release rather important information, it is just hard to find and rarely makes the major papers. This is one such major revelation and admission about unit 1.

TEPCO mentions in the roadmap information released only in Japanese around the end of May that they intend to fill the torus room of unit 1 with grout like cement. Apparently absent from this plan is any process to deal with or further confirm the location of the melted fuel in the torus room. Radiation readings found at floor penetrations on the first floor into the torus room have extremely high radiation readings and areas of melted fuel have been found in inspection locations around the torus room. Some of our extensive research on this issue at unit 1 can be found in these documents:

As part of the effort to deal with the contaminated water problem at the plant the government & TEPCO agreed to a plan to freeze the ground around the reactors. What was little reported was the rest of the plan that will remove the heavily contaminated water from the reactor buildings but also the tunnel system that runs from the reactors to the sea. The work it cited as being done to minimize the flow of contaminated water to the sea. This is something TEPCO insists is not happening. Studies put out by various marine research groups documented the high radiation found in fish around the plant that has not gone down proves the plant IS still leaking radiation. So the effort to drain the tunnels appears to be a quiet admission the marine researchers were correct.

TEPCO plans to freeze the land side of the reactor blocks first, pump out the tunnels, fill the tunnels with cement and then finish freezing the sea side of the reactor blocks. TEPCO and the government consider the tunnel water to be a big enough problem they have put resources into dealing with it.

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