Radioactive Contamination Still Found In Drinking Water Across Japan

drinking-water-standardsThis NRA report from June of 2013 found cesium 134 and cesium 137 still showing in city drinking water across a number of regions of mainland Japan. This includes Tokyo. The reading for Tokyo for cesium 137 was higher than the reading for Fukushima City Fukushima. The highest reading was found in Ibaraki for cesium 137. While these amounts are small, water is consumed in large quantities, added to and used in food and also for bathing. This makes small levels more of a concern than in food.

[Iwate] [Morioka]  cesium 137:  0.00071bq/kg

[Akita] [Akita]  cesium 137:  0.00037bq/kg

[Yamagata] [Yamagata]  cesium 134: 0.0013bq/kg, cesium 137: 0.0021bq/kg

[Fukushima] [Fukushima] cesium 134: 0.0015bq/kg, cesium 137: 0.0027bq/kg

[Ibaraki] [Hitachinaka] cesium 134: 0.0049bq/kg, cesium 137 0.0099bq/kg

[Tochigi] [Utsunomiya]  cesium 134: 0.0030bq/kg,   cesium 137: 0.0070bq/kg

[Gunma] [Maebashi] cesium 134: 0.00098bq/kg,  cesium 137: 0.0021bq/kg

[Saitama] [Saitama] cesium 134: 0.0010bq/kg,   cesium 137: 0.0023bq/kg

[Chiba] [Ichihara]  cesium 134: 0.00085bq/kg,  cesium 137: 0.0020bq/kg

[Tokyo] [Shinjuku] cesium 134: 0.0014bq/kg, cesium 137: 0.0028bq/kg

[Kanagawa] [Chigasaki]  cesium 134: 0.00099bq/kg, cesium 137: 0.0019bq/kg

[Niigata] [Niigata]  cesium 137:  0.00047bq/kg

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