TEPCO Demands Family Pay Back Compensation Because Daughter Goes To College

This tactic has already been used on some TEPCO employees that are also evacuees. Now TEPCO is harassing the general public that was evacuated due to their nuclear disaster.

In the employee case TEPCO declared the employee was no longer evacuated after they rented an apartment in Iwaki. Their previous apartment is in the evacuation zone, they can not return to it. Now TEPCO is using the same dodgy tactic on other evacuees. This time they declared the daughter to be no longer evacuated after she left the family’s temporary housing to attend college. The remaining family still can not return home and live outside the evacuation zone. Now TEPCO wants all of the compensation money paid to the daughter back, declaring her to be no longer evacuated. This action pressures people to not move on with their lives and may force some to remain in decaying temporary housing fearing financial retribution by TEPCO.

These kinds of tactics set a very disturbing precedence where evacuees become life long victims of TEPCO subject to harassment at any time in the future. It also sets up a situation where TEPCO is given free license to stalk evacuees looking for legal loopholes to try to take back compensation money. In any other sort of crime most countries would block a perpetrator from continuing to victimize the person the committed a crime against. In most civil proceedings, a finalized legal agreement for compensation would end any future relationship between the two parties as part of the settlement.

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