Fukushima Unit 3 Containment Inspection To Start October 2015

TEPCO  and IRID recently published details on the first efforts to probe the unit 3 reactor at Fukushima Daiichi. In October 2015 we should see the first images from inside the containment structure. Unit 3 was the site of the massive explosion during the reactor meltdowns. High radiation levels in the building have so far prevented workers from conducting any inspections into the reactor systems. The work will also install equipment to better monitor conditions inside the reactor.

Monitoring probe installation:
The probe will monitor temperatures and water level to provide better data towards conditions inside unit 3’s containment. TEPCO used some type of ultrasonic testing to estimate the water level inside containment to determine if they could use the X-53 penetration for inserting the probe. Along with the temperature and water level sensors, the work will include inserting the pan-tilt camera to take photos inside containment. This will be the first look inside unit 3’s containment since the disaster.

unit3_containment_probe Image notes:
Check out stand OP11860
1 floor grating OP 9510.
Bottom OP 5480
Water level estimation

Water Sampling:
There will also be work to sample the standing water inside containment to run chemical analysis on the water.

Permanent Monitoring:
They will also install permanent temperature and water sensors into containment.

1. Check for submerged X-53 = Done
2. X-53 around low plant decontamination = Done
3. Study on design of equipment and preparation = Now until October 2015
4. Mockup = July 2015 to December 2015
5. X-53 Paine edges of cut = September 2015
6. Shielding installation = October 2015
7. PCV internal investigation = October 2015
8. Establishment of the PCV in the monitoring instrument = December 2015

Original document by IRID & TEPCO: http://www.tepco.co.jp/cc/press/betu15_j/images/150312j0103.pdf

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