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GA has 620 cases 25 deaths

Marin County CA, closes all parks and beaches after people ignore shelter in place to head to the beach.

A Chinese made virus test kit is available commercially in the US this week. The company has made the test available in multiple regions around the world as the outbreak in China has freed up production.

A tip going around social media; If you need to touch dirty public surfaces like a gas pump handle, dog poop plastic bags work well, are cheap and don’t deplete needed medical supplies.

Italian doctors saw a strange pneumonia in patients in November 2019

Coronavirus could linger in Europe for two years, Chinese expert says

  • ‘It would be perfectly normal if the virus comes and goes’ with the seasons, Zhang Wenhong, head of Shanghai’s Covid-19 clinical expert team, tells Chinese expats, students in Germany
  • ‘If only the whole world could stop moving for four weeks, the pandemic could be stopped,’ he says
total cases 331,325
total deaths 14,572
total recovered 96,177
Data from

Cruise ship with 43 possible virus cases on board stuck at sea near South America. May be headed to Ft. Lauderdale.

The Food and Drug Administration is relaxing some rules on ventilator use.

Canada won’t send team to the Olympics

The following states, in order of population, have issued stay-at-home orders:

  • California – 39.5 million – started Thursday
  • New York – 19.5 million – effective Sunday evening
  • Illinois – 12.7 million – started 5 p.m. Saturday
  • Ohio – 11.6 million – effective 11:59 p.m. Monday
  • New Jersey – 8.9 million – started 9 p.m. Saturday
  • Louisiana – 4.6 million – effective 5 p.m. Monday
  • Connecticut – 3.5 million – effective 8 p.m. Monday
  • Delaware – 967,171 – effective Tuesday 8 a.m.

(Population numbers based on 2018 Census estimates)

The NOPD has put together a special team of officers to investigate illegal gatherings reported to 3-1-1. The team is working with the city’s Safety and Permits Department. Businesses found in violation risk losing their license to operate in the city of New Orleans. — NOPD (@NOPDNews) March 22, 2020

At least 254,000 Americans have so far been tested and received results for coronavirus and more than 30,000 have tested positive, Vice President Mike Pence said. Pence noted that those numbers do not include local hospitals or private labs that have conducted tests.

Washington state gets federal disaster declaration

McDonalds closes all UK and Ireland stores citing the inability to keep a safe working environment even under limited operations.

President Donald Trump outlined on Sunday the aid being sent to New York, Washington and California, the three major hot spots of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

He announced federal medical stations that will be delivered within the next 48 hours:

  • Four large federal medical stations with 1,000 beds to New York
  • Eight large federal medical stations with 2,000 beds to California
  • Three large and four small federal medical stations with 1,000 beds total to Washington

 Trump outlined the specific number of items being sent to New York and Washington.

 Supplies sent to New York as of March 19:

  • 186,416 N95 respirators
  • 444,000 O-78 surgical masks
  • 84,560 face shields
  • 68,944 surgical masks
  • 352 coveralls
  • 245,486 gloves

 Supplies sent to Washington as of “about 3 days ago:”

  • 369,000 N-95 respirators
  • 575,406 surgical masks
  • 63,788 face shields
  • 107,850 surgical gowns
  • 240,376 gloves

23 dead, 83 injured in virus fueled prison riot in Columbia

Philadelphia declares stay at home order

California gets federal disaster declaration.

Italy has 60,000 confirmed cases, 5000 deaths. Is asking the US for help.

DC has called out the national guard to police national parks because people won’t stay home.

400 deaths in the US

The program shows the date your state must act to prevent the point of no return for virus spread.

MN National Guard obtains resupply of medical gear for hospitals

Sioux Falls, SD considers closing non essential businesses

NY governor says shelter in place could last 9 months, up to 80% could get infected.

Ohio goes to shelter in place

Louisiana closes all non essential businesses

Editorial suggests how to solve the ventilator problem in the US

MN activates national guard

How to properly order food during a pandemic

SD has 7 more cases, assumption community spread is ‘days away”

Virus cases in 2 CA senior apartments and 1 in a nursing home

UK tells vulnerable people to not leave their homes for 3 months

Germany bans more than 2 people from meeting together in public

Senator Rand Paul has virus, asymptomatic and quarantined at home

From San Jose Mercury news (transcribed from print)

California, population 39.3 million
1364 cases
24 deaths
Los Angeles County, population 10.1 million
351 cases
4 deaths
Santa Clara County, population 1.9 million
263 cases
8 deaths
San Mateo County, population 0.76 million
110 cases
1 death
San Diego County, population 3.3 million
110 cases
0 deaths

Desperate doctors in Italy and Spain wearing trash bags to try to protect themselves.

Virus has a reproduction rate of 4. Researchers concerned people are contagious before the spike a fever, making fever checks less useful.

Healthy 12 year old on ventilator in Atlanta. Had no risk factors or travel history.

US CDC says 20% of those sick enough to be hospitalized with the virus are in the 20 to 44 age group

43% of cases in Florida are in Miami

University of Tampa says students on spring break together tested positive for COVID-19

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced late Saturday that all boat ramps and marinas in the county parks would close until further notice, and that the Miami-Dade Police Department would be ramping up enforcement to keep group parties out of the water.

Houston sees more cases in outlying rural counties

Short term thinking plagues federal response

1/3 of virus cases are “silent” cases going undetected.

Ohio vs. Michigan virus numbers and restrictions compared

3rd LAPD officer has virus, was at work with symptoms for days.

4 CA prison workers tested positive across 3 facilities.

Flights from China to San Francisco resume

CA governor working with drug companies and manufacturers to obtain needed supplies.

Graphs by Seattle Times

US Covid Tests March 22 11AM EDT
24,345 Positive
167,196 Negative
191,541 Pos + Neg
2,101 Hospitalized
296 Death
191,541 Total
from The COVID Tracking Project

WA state says they could run out of available ventilators April 8 if cases continue to increase.

Lockdowns alone won’t defeat the outbreak, a W.H.O. expert says.

Washington State warns it could run out of ventilators.

What is it like to get the virus? People who have survived say it is brutal.

Part of US rescue package includes loans so small businesses could continue to pay employees with a claim the loans would later be discharged.

New Delhi goes into state of lockdown, only essential businesses allowed. 

Australia closes non essential businesses

DC closes tidal basin area to public to remove crowds that showed up to see cherry blossoms.

Vegas, photo WaPo

Mayors and governors of multiple states raise warnings. Stay home, they can’t get supplies, this is going to be bad, people will die.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker complained that states are competing against each other for key supplies and there needs to be more federal coordination on these goods

NYC mayor says if they don’t have more medical supplies in 10 days “people will die”

Thailand has 188 new cases, nears 600 total

Power companies considering keeping key staff housed at power plants

French nuclear plants increase hygiene practices amid virus concerns

Santa Clara convention center to be used as field hospital for non virus patients

Virus cluster at hospital in Oita Japan

Canadian death toll 13, efforts to bring home Canadians abroad

38 virus cases across NYC jails

Australia to institute draconian measures to restrict public activities 

Coronavirus risk calculator 

Cases spike in Turkey

Mexico has 251 cases

Norway bans cabin stays to avoid virus cases flooding rural hospitals

China starts vaccine trial in Wuhan


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