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The US coronavirus death toll reached 7,077 on Friday afternoon, according to Johns Hopkins University. The increase of 1,094 deaths today is the most number of deaths in a single day.

Walmart to restrict number of people in stores, add one way aisles

Hobby Lobby closes all US stores, furloughs most workers without pay

Trump won’t assure NY will have enough ventilators, tried to blame them for not buying them “3 years ago”.

FEMA says it has obligated $1.1 billion in federal support to New York

Germany thinks an updated version of the 100 year old TB vaccine could be used as an interim vaccine against covid 

WI Republicans force Democratic primary to go on amid pandemic

Rural health care braces for pandemic

Anyone in close proximity to Trump will get virus tested

The U of WA page shows all the data for your state including virus peak, how many beds and ventilators your state has

WHO warns that more young and healthy people are dying from virus

Poll: Majority of Americans now disapprove of Trump’s coronavirus response – The president’s latest rating in the survey shows Trump’s support backsliding from the levels he achieved in mid-March.
April 1-2 Poll
52% disapprove of his management of the deadly outbreak
47% approve
mid-March Poll
43% disapprove of his management of the deadly outbreak
55% approve

Brazil turns on Bolsanaro, want information from public health

CA food banks have tsunami of need

Lyft drivers that rent cars from the company compelled to keep driving

California’s past austerity left is less able to handle a pandemic

Trump’s companies look to reorganize debts

looking at the Johns Hopkins page confirmed cases chart (lower right)
1.00 million April 1
0.53 million March 25
1.0/0.53 = 1.9, so about double in 7 days, next Friday April 3 will hit about 2 million confirmed cases

Those who survive weeks on a ventilator may struggle with long term physical and mental health issues. 

UK death toll rises to 3,605, up 23% in a day

Smoking could make it easier for the virus to infiltrate your lungs.

SD’s governor says 1300 ventilators will be needed with a flattened curve for the state. The state has 73. Claims they will be able to obtain all the missing ventilators by June and that most of the state’s population will contract the virus but there is no need for any sort of lockdown or stay at home order.

Half of the hospitals in Michigan’s largest health system are at capacity, CEO says

There are now at least 102,863 cases in New York

There are at least 257,773 coronavirus cases in the US

FDA to allow China’s KN95 mask to be used in US as alternative for N95 masks

United Airlines flying medical workers to hot spots free of charge

University of Pittsburgh think they have a potential vaccine

Jared Kushner confirms he has no clue what he is doing, declares national stockpile to be “theirs” and not for states to use. He has managed to inject himself in various parts of the response. His involvement appears to be actively degrading the ability of the federal government to respond and distribute supplies.

India has only had 50 virus deaths so far, there may be various reasons for this. Either way the lockdown is taking a harsh toll on the poor.

A TB vaccine given in some countries may be providing some protection against the coronavirus, it did against SARS.

Boris Johnson still sick, will stay in quarantine

74 journalism professors call Fox News a threat to public health

How the US Army got ahead of outbreaks at two foreign posts.

Ohio virus data lacks information on who has recovered.

NJ: The death toll rose to 537 after 182 more deaths were reported by the state on Thursday. The total number of people infected with the virus in the state rose by 3,489 to 25,590.

Colorado records 98 coronavirus-related deaths as COVID-19 hospitalizations push past 700. 3,728 confirmed cases in the state, though health officials say it’s likely 4 to 10 times that amount of people are infected

Louisiana coronavirus tracking map: 9,150 cases | 310 dead | 1,639 in hospital

Oregon, initially considered a hot spot has a total of 826 cases and 21 total deaths

U of WA study found most ICU patients needed a ventilator for 10 days, had 50-50 chance of survival. They also note that most of these ICU patients had multiple health risk factors.

US death toll over 6000

Cruise ships begin allowing passengers to disembark in FL

932 people have died from coronavirus in Spain. Friday’s figures mean that 10,935 Covid-19 deaths have been recorded in Spain.

Austria will randomly test people for coronavirus to get a better idea of its spread

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says this Sunday is “D-Day” — the day when the city will run out of ventilators and health care workers will really feel the strain of the battle against coronavirus. “We predict by something like Monday or Tuesday, 5,000 people in our ICUs intubated fighting for their lives with Covid cases. 5,000. Then that number will grow.

More than 1,000 US service members have coronavirus

USNS Comfort is slowly taking on non virus patients

Antibody tests to prove who has been infected will be key to moving forward

Researchers find covid has a much wider array of symptoms, many of them mild, confounding identifying who might need to be tested.

Utah hospital gives doctors and nurses a pay cut in the middle of battling a pandemic

NJ governor calls for postmortem of federal pandemic response

Sioux Falls goes it alone as state government abandons the state’s largest city.

Fauci doesn’t understand why all states don’t have stay at home orders

Google bans political ads that criticize Trump’s response to pandemic

Trump wants to bring in immigrant workers during pandemic

FBI may charge man with hate crime for knife attack on Asian family in a Sams Club

Kentucky puts ankle monitors on virus patients who refuse to self quarantine

North Korea still claims they are virus free

Scientist urges people to stay out of the ocean, off beaches during pandemic to avoid contracting the virus from polluted waters.

Banks force treasury to increase interest rate on small business pandemic loans that are guaranteed by the federal government.

Why it is hard to get a good outbreak peak model

Some people with covid have brain involvement that is manifesting in some unusual ways

The Supreme Court could rule to end the ACA in the middle of a pandemic.

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