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Journalist goes to the grocery store, explains how awful it is right now

How long term racial disparities are making the outbreak worse in some communities.

Detroit’s mortality rate has begun to slow, according to Mayor Mike Duggan, who said the length of time it takes for the daily death toll to double has lengthened from two days in late March to every five to six days.

Louisiana recorded the highest number of deaths in the state in the past 24 hours as part of the coronavirus pandemic, with 70 new deaths, Gov. John Bel Edwards said Tuesday.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker today announced the release of more than 60 people at the Department of Juvenile Justice and more than 1,100 low-risk prisoners at the Department of Corrections due to the coronavirus pandemic.

SD governor suggests people pray the virus away

Sioux Falls, SD sees cases jump to 320 from about 200 the day before.

Seattle area adds mask decontamination technology

Urgent care doc claims malaria drug works

10 key virus symptoms and what to do

Chronic exposure to air pollution may increase risk of covid death

Acting Navy Secretary that insulted aircraft carrier captain has resigned.

Trump’s malaria drug may be making virus cases worse by causing cardiac issues while the virus attacks the heart.

NY and NJ see highest one day death counts

Trump removes inspector general that was to oversee stimulus payouts

People flooding public parks and suburban sidewalks create a stressful transmission hazard for people just trying to walk a dog or avoid going stir crazy.

Italy has lowest new infection rate since March 13

US Senate democrats propose substantial hazard pay for essential workers

Most non essential businesses in Tokyo to close

Research shows livestock could be common vector for virus

NYC data shows what health conditions, age and gender factors are highest in death count.

CDC head says social distancing should cause the projected death toll to go down significantly.

Why did Fox News hosts meet privately with Trump to convince him about use of malaria drug?

UK death toll 6,159, 55,242 positive tests

US major league baseball considering running a season by having players stay at spring training facilities in AZ and running games at a nearby stadium without fans.

More than 1,300 New York City fire department personnel who either tested positive or were suspected of being exposed to Covid-19 have returned to work, the FDNY said on Twitter today.

About 100 American Airlines flight attendants have coronavirus, union says

Accuracy of the U of WA virus models questioned.

MN has 1069 confirmed cases and 549 of those cases recovered. This is significantly higher than the recovery rates in other areas. MN only started testing 1 month ago.

Covid causes heart damage in some patients, can mimic a heart attack

Kenosha, WI adds restrictions on people who work in care homes, they can no longer work at more than one facility, among other restrictions intended to prevent the spread of the virus.

Spain considers a universal basic income as a virus recovery tactic, and may make it permanent.

Millions of UK antibody tests don’t work

Bay Area public health expert says this is going to be a problem for a very long time, schools may not reopen in September.

700 employees in one Detroit health system test positive

Japan considers reopening schools, many parents say they won’t send their kids

Workers at a McDonalds go on strike after management fails to tell them a coworker has the virus

24 doctors die in Indonesia 

Trump’s push of questionable drug treatment, has his health team concerned it is a hail Mary pass to make up for lost time.

Los Angeles could restrict travel outside neighborhoods if outbreak worsens

Bolsonaro has crimes against humanity charges filed at The Hague over the lack of pandemic response


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