Fukushima Unit 1 Spent Fuel Pool Cover Installed

TEPCO has completed the installation of a floating air bag to protect the spent fuel pool at unit 1, Fukushima Daiichi. The air bag is intended to prevent falling debris from damaging the fuel stored in the pool while the remains of the overhead crane is cut and removed.


The photo below shows the rig with the rolled up air bag being placed next to the unit 1 refueling floor.

The photo below shows the rolled up air bag as they installed it horizontally next to the spent fuel pool. The workers are either standing on the roof of the control room, or TEPCO has added a work platform to the sea side of unit 1’s reactor building. A newly installed sheet steel wall can be seen in the background. This wraps around the outside of the reactor building at the refueling floor level. It may be there to prevent winds from lifting radioactive dust from the refueling floor.

The photo below shows the air bag unrolled and floating on the spent fuel pool, waiting to be inflated.

Photo below shows the air bag inflated and installed on the spent fuel pool.

Photo below shows a piece of protective equipment installed over the fuel gate. This protects the fuel gate from becoming dislodged and allowing the spent fuel pool to partially drain. TEPCO had concerns that falling debris could knock the fuel gate off its hinges. The top of this piece of protective equipment includes a ratchet strap and duct tape holding it in place. Even with millions of dollars spent on the disaster response, low tech design solutions can be found. To the right of the fuel gate cover, the edge of one of the concrete reactor well slabs can be seen.

TEPCO has not announced when the debris removal work will resume.

Below is the machine translation of the original TEPCO document:

In the spent fuel pool at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant No. 1
Completion of air mortar filling work on curing bags
 In Unit 1, to remove fuel from the spent fuel pool (“SFP”), the removal of the roof of the reactor building
We are working on leaving.
 In the future, in order to carry out the debris removal work of the roof steel frame, etc. on the SFP, in the unlikely event that the debris falls on the SFP, To reduce the risk of affecting the health of fuels stored in the SFP, and put a curing bag on the SFP (water surface) on June 8, and the exhibition work was completed. in the same way.
 Yesterday (June 10), we had completed the work of injecting air into and inflating the curing bag that was stretched on the SFP. Today (June 11), 8:34 a.m., start the air mortar filling work inside the curing bag, 0:00 p.m., The filling operation is complete.
 In conjunction with the completion of the filling work, in the future, by installing a fixed spacer to prevent movement in the curing bag, Reduce the risk of affecting the health of fuel stored in the SFP when the galeki falls into the SFP. we believe that
 We will continue to remove debris with safety as a top priority for fuel removal work scheduled to start from fiscal 2027 to fiscal 2028. we will steadily work on


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