On The Anniversary of The Fukushima Disaster, Remember This

Much of the reporting on the 10th anniversary of the triple disaster on 3-11 focuses on the empty towns, and the people whose lives were upended. While it is important to remember the human and environmental costs, do not forget the force and calamity that caused the man made portion of this disaster.

The nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi was man made. General Electric opted to site the plant near sea level by cutting down the coastal hill, to save money. TEPCO ignored decades of warnings that the risk of a tsunami was great and the critical systems at the plant were at risk. As the plant lost power, was damaged by a tsunami, then lost the critical back up systems, this 6 reactor plant devolved into a nightmare.

TEPCO denied there was any serious problem at Fukushima Daiichi, then unit 1 exploded on live TV, seen around the world.

Two days later, as the situation was obviously spiraling out of control, unit 3 exploded in a massive mushroom cloud.

Early very shaky video taken by an SDF helicopter showed the damage.

The tangle mess, three reactors belching out radioactive steam and reactor fuel particles.

It took until May of 2011 for TEPCO and the Japanese government to admit the three reactors had suffered meltdowns.

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