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Vaccines In Review Or Approved:

Egypt receives over 800,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine through the COVAX program

Sweden targets mid August to offer Covid-19 vaccine to adults instead of June

Russia registers world’s first Covid-19 vaccine for animals

Austria likely to order 1 million Sputnik V vaccines “as early as next week

Pfizer vaccine 100% effective in kids 12-15. Will file for EUA in weeks with hopes of vaccinating kids before the fall school year


Where Are Vaccines Already Being Administered:

Kenya, expressing concern about counterfeit vaccines, blocks private imports of doses.

Johnson & Johnson Put in Charge of Plant That Ruined Millions of Vaccine Doses

US gave 4 million vaccines in 24 hours

More than 100 million people in the US have received at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccine, official says

“Farmworkers vaccinated at César Chávez Day clinic

50+ can get vaccinated in Calif., but we couldn’t get an appointment

‘I hit the lottery’: Here’s how 7 SF Bay Area residents got vaccine appointments

Walgreens cancels some appointments for second doses of COVID-19 vaccine, leaving people scrambling

Defects in Hong Kong batch of BioNTech coronavirus vaccine may be down to sealing process


Side Effects & New Vaccine Research:

UK regulator reports blood clots linked to Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine – Number of related thrombosis cases in the country now at 30, up from five earlier this month.

EU regulator: No evidence to support restriction of Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine – In the ongoing review of the cases, experts have said they haven’t been able to identify any specific risk factors for these rare clotting events.

“U.S. begins testing Moderna’s Covid vaccine booster shots for variant from South Africa

Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine Works in Younger Teens, Too — Company CEOs stress the vaccine provides a path back to “everyday school

“Concerns about SARS-CoV-2 evolution should not hold back efforts to expand vaccination

“Former Biden, Trump advisers renew push to delay second Covid vaccine

US nursing homes see a 96% decline in Covid-19 cases since vaccines rolled out in late December

Pfizer says Covid-19 vaccine works against variants, and protection lasts at least six months

“Cases of COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough confirmed in Washington state

Hungary reports record number of COVID deaths despite high vaccination rates

Pfizer will produce ready-to-use Covid-19 vaccine in second half of 2021, executive says

CDC Data Suggests Vaccinated Don’t Carry, Can’t Spread Virus

A Virginia man suffered a severe reaction after getting his COVID-19 vaccine and doctors believe it was a direct result of the shot.

NIH study shows promising immune cell response against some Covid variants that could be good news for vaccines


New Covid Variants:

B.1.1.7 = aka: UK variant
CAL20.C = aka: California variant
L452R = aka: California & other US states

P.1 = aka: Brazil variant
N501Y = aka: South Africa variant
B.1.351 = aka: South Africa variant

New COVID-19 variant in Mass. spikes after Cape Cod outbreaks – Of the 58 known positive cases of the P.1 variant in Mass., 50 have been identified in Barnstable County, according to the CDC.

US surgeon general says vaccinations now can prevent future Covid-19 variants

Troubling “Eek” variant found in most Tokyo hospital COVID cases – NHK

Canada’s variant-fueled covid-19 surge prompts new restrictions

“Double mutant’ COVID-19 variant from India found in Bay Area – Virus may be linked to India’s new surge in cases

UK variant accounts for nearly 9 in 10 new infections in Germany


New Scientific Studies:

New Decoy Protein Treatment Fools Coronavirus, Rendering It Impotent – Treatment reduces lung damage and results in mild symptoms in a preclinical study.

A Second Look at Sunlight – Researchers urge a closer examination of sunlight’s efficacy in inactivating the SARS-CoV-2 virus

UVB Radiation Alone May Not Explain Sunlight Inactivation of SARS-CoV-2

UK Long Covid article: “Prevalence of ongoing symptoms following coronavirus (COVID-19) infection in the UK: 1 April 2021 – Estimates of the prevalence of self-reported “long COVID”, and the duration of ongoing symptoms following confirmed coronavirus infection, using UK Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey data to 6 March 2021.”

Analysis-In mutant variants, has the coronavirus shown its best tricks?


Outbreaks, Lockdowns & Restrictions:

China reports biggest daily COVID-19 case jump in over two months

Fourth wave takes shape as COVID-19 cases increase across Japan

Bangladesh and parts of India look to lockdowns as a wave of cases hits South Asia

Cuba reports record number of Covid-19 cases

Iraq reports highest number of daily Covid-19 cases since start of pandemic

Lockdown begins in parts of Austria over Easter break

Court orders Belgium to end coronavirus measures due to insufficient legal basis – In practice, the ruling gives the government 30 days to establish a new legal basis for the rules.

‘We have gained hope again’: Israel’s successful vaccine campaign makes crowds possible again during Holy Week.

Berlin set to impose nighttime ban on gatherings from Friday

German city of Hamburg orders overnight curfew to control spread of coronavirus

Opinion: Germany has let me down on COVID-19 – Coronavirus cases are rising exponentially in Germany and pandemic control measures are in disarray. The smugness felt a year ago by some immigrants here is very much a thing of the past, writes DW’s Elliot Douglas.

France could reach “infection peak” in 7 to 10 days

OPINION: Macron was right to delay a third French lockdown, but would be wrong to avoid one now

France risks ‘losing control’ over Covid-19 spread without stricter national measures — Macron

US vaccine rollout envied in Canada; Britain plans return to concerts, sports events

New rise in Covid cases shows that, yes, the vaccines work – Younger, unvaccinated people appear to be driving the latest uptick in Covid-19 cases.

Alabama basketball fan’s death prompts COVID-19 contact tracing in Indianapolis

Canucks’ COVID outbreak eclipses 20 cases with some ‘intense’ symptoms

Mainers younger than 30 driving surge in new COVID-19 cases

California will permit large indoor gatherings starting April 15.

CA: “Santa Clara County warns of ‘worrying trend’ in COVID variants, advises against travel

Michigan adds more than 8,400 new Covid-19 cases in one day, the most since December

FDOH reports over 6,700 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday

Illinois reports 3,526 cases of COVID-19, 25 deaths

N.J. reports 61 COVID deaths, 4,378 cases, hospitalizations rise again. ‘We’re at a pretty critical moment,’ Gov. Murphy says.

Michigan’s Whitmer asks White House to surge vaccines to virus hot spots as cases climb

Maine CDC reports more than 400 new COVID-19 cases for first time in 2 months

Ron DeSantis issues executive order banning ‘vaccine passports’ in Florida

Resistance from health experts and business owners could doom ‘vaccine passports’ even before they launch

Everything you need to know about vaccine passports – The Biden administration says it’s leaving digital vaccination records up to states and the private sector.


Other Covid News:

Some COVID-19 long haulers in Minnesota still lack diagnosis – Few doctors available for complex, multi-system care of Long COVID patients

NHS feels strain as tens of thousands of staff suffer long Covid

Covid-19: Few people with symptoms are self-isolating, study finds

Benzene Found in Multiple Hand Sanitizer Brands — Known human carcinogen can be absorbed through the skin

Super-speedy Israeli COVID test gets European approval; airport rollout planned – SpectraLIT eliminates the need for complex lab equipment by giving relatively accurate results after just 20 seconds of analysis, possibly aiding resumption of international travel

Why even a small increase in Covid-19 cases is so scary – What can start small can quickly get very big.

COVID: How Germany forgot its most important agency – Not everyone was surprised by the coronavirus pandemic. Preparing for it is the job of the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance, but it has rarely been consulted. That may now change.

Covid-19 investigators turn focus onto Chinese wildlife farms

LONG vaccination poll article: “KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor: March 2021

US death rate jumps by nearly 16 percent

Swiss robots use UV light to zap viruses aboard passenger planes

Following pandemic, converting office buildings into housing may become new ‘normal’

Argentina’s president tests positive for virus, despite being fully vaccinated.

First Broadway theater opens its doors since the Covid-19 pandemic began

Washington Nationals’ Opening Day game vs. New York Mets postponed due to COVID-19 issues

Disney World guest who was handcuffed for refusing a COVID-19 temperature check told sheriffs he had spent too much money at the resort to be arrested

How a COVID-Infested Cruise Ship Devolved Into Class Warfare

A QAnon-Curious Mom Helped Lead Michigan Back to COVID Hell. Michigan is dealing with coronavirus variants and right-wing restaurateurs. It’s also dealing with a very specific kind of rebel.

The Five Universal Laws of Human Stupidity – We underestimate the stupid, and we do so at our own peril.

California scrambles as maskless crowds flood vacation hotspots

What it’s like to go to a movie theater in SF for the first time in a year

TSA screens over 1.5 million passengers heading into holiday weekend

Mass religious festival goes ahead in India, despite Covid fears as country enters second wave

Coronavirus digest: ‘Cancel’ Olympic torch relay in Osaka, say officials

Pharmacies score customer data in vaccine effort. Some are crying foul. – Pharmacy chains hope information from vaccine seekers could translate to new business, while privacy watchdogs are calling for restrictions on the data.

“White House knew more than a week ago of J&J contractor vaccine-supply problems – Workers at Emergent BioSolutions ruined 15 million doses by mixing ingredients from two Covid-19 vaccines together.”

Covid rules for SF Baseball team if you want to buy tickets and go to a game: “SF announces guidelines for fans at Oracle

CDC Changes Tune on COVID Guidance for Vaccinated Travelers — It’s low-risk, but you still probably shouldn’t do it, agency says
“Did the Lockdown Cause More Suicides?”

‘What we are breathing through our mouth and nose is actually hazardous waste’: Scientists find evidence of toxic chemicals in some face masks
House panel releases new details of Trump administration Covid contracts – The documents also detail how senior White House officials tried to warn then-President Donald Trump of the danger of Covid-19 last March.

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