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Vaccine Related Information:

India administers nearly 1 million Covid-19 vaccine shots on first day of booster rollout

Vaccine Scientists: Heroes of the Year 2021 – Time Magazine

Moderna vaccines the best — and Sinovac least effective — at stopping covid deaths, Singapore data suggests

Some immunocompromised Americans may be eligible for a fourth shot in the coming days

Pfizer already making Omicron vaccine, says CEO

CDC advisers recommend teens 12 to 17 should receive a Covid-19 booster shot

CDC Panel Pushes Boosters for All Teens — Boosters will protect a population hit hard by COVID in many ways, committee said

Vaccine makers were just beginning to catch up to demand. Then omicron hit.



Scientific Research & Variants:

Analysis: Forecasters say omicron could peak this month

Over 40% of German Covid-19 cases are now Omicron variant

5 reasons you should not deliberately catch Omicron to ‘get it over with’

Omicron now accounts for 98% of US Covid-19 infections, CDC estimates show

What we know about the symptoms and severity of omicron

Head of COVID response at UCSF: ‘I have not intubated a single COVID patient during this Omicron surge’

Omicron Is Forcing Us to Rethink Mild COVID – The staggering number of
infections among the vaccinated is changing Americans’ pandemic mindset.

Omicron may have higher rate of asymptomatic carriers, early research suggests

High Rate of Asymptomatic Carriage Associated with Variant Strain Omicron

Omicron could have a silver lining by boosting immunity, some experts say. But don’t bet on it.

More Omicron: Diabetics Appear Even More Vulnerable as Diabetic Ketoacidosis Strikes

A variant found in France is not a concern, the W.H.O. says.
link to paper

Don’t Fear ‘Deltacron’

No, ‘Deltacron’ Is Probably Not Real — Reports of a ‘recombinant’ variant likely just hinge on lab contamination

‘Deltacron’ is a new strain of COVID-19 and not a lab error, Cypriot scientist says – Leonidos Kostrikis
says the recombinant form of Delta and Omicron arose from ‘evolutionary pressure’

say hi to DeltaCron: “Cyprus reportedly discovers a Covid variant that combines omicron and delta”

New ‘Deltacron’ coronavirus variant discovered in Cyprus – A new variant has a similar genetic
background to the Delta variant, together with 10 mutations from Omicron.

COVID-19: New Deltacron Variant Discovered in Cyprus

Coronavirus: New variant discovered in Cyprus (updated)

Covid vaccines prevented nearly a quarter-million deaths last spring –
That number could’ve been higher, had vaccination rates not leveled off.

study link: “Estimating COVID-19 Infections, Hospitalizations, and Deaths Following the US Vaccination Campaigns During the Pandemic”

Breakthrough COVID cases overwhelmingly mild for vaccinated people: study

study link: “Risk Factors for Severe COVID-19 Outcomes Among Persons Aged ≥18 Years Who Completed
a Primary COVID-19 Vaccination Series — 465 Health Care Facilities, United States, December 2020–October 2021”

Flu Vax No Shot in the Arm Against COVID for Healthcare Workers —
Danish study early in the pandemic finds no difference in clinical outcomes

Covid-19: Common cold may give some protection, study suggests

study link: “Cross-reactive memory T cells associate with protection against SARS-CoV-2 infection in COVID-19 contacts”

Which Fully Vaccinated Adults Are Most at Risk of Severe COVID? —
Study examines which factors did, and didn’t, play a role in risk

Risk Factors for Severe COVID-19 Outcomes Among Persons Aged
≥18 Years Who Completed a Primary COVID-19 Vaccination Series —
465 Health Care Facilities, United States, December 2020–October 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination and Breakthrough Infections in Patients with Cancer

Scientists try to pinpoint why rapid Covid tests are missing some cases

Studying the coagulopathy of COVID-19



Outbreaks & Restrictions:

62,000 Los Angeles students and staff test positive for Covid ahead of return to school

CA: Sonoma County issues voluntary stay-at-home order, bans large gatherings in response to omicron

New York City sees ‘a glimmer of hope’ as virus cases level off, but they are still rising upstate.

When Will Omicron Peak in NYC? COVID Cases, Hospitalizations Still Trending Straight Up –
More than one in five New York City COVID tests are coming back positive these days —
and virus hospitalizations are soaring

Official: California COVID surge could ease next month

Things seem grim now. But America’s COVID situation could get better in 6-8 weeks

40 New York hospitals required to stop nonessential surgeries due to low bed capacity

DC: Bowser reinstates public health emergency to aid hospitals as coronavirus cases surge

Record 4,000 children hospitalized amid omicron surge

“U.S. sets fresh records for Covid hospitalizations and cases with 1.5 million new infections”

Scotland to lift restrictions on large outdoor events starting Monday

Omicron to infect more than 50% of Europe region’s population in 6-8 weeks, says WHO chief

4,000 students sent to quarantine in locked down Chinese city

About 20 million people in China are now under lockdown

Chinese city of Tianjin to test 14 million people after Covid outbreak The port near Beijing
began mass testing after 20 children and adults tested positive, including at least two with Omicron

Coronavirus: Shenzhen’s Delta cluster ‘highly likely’ linked to imported goods, authorities say

Tales of anguish emerge from China’s locked-down Xi’an as hospitals demand patients are covid-free

Mail, garbage delays in store as omicron wave builds across Minnesota

Latest on COVID-19 in MN: Active cases leap; hospitals ‘literally full’

Mpls and St. Paul institute mask mandates starting tomorrow

Over 4000 cases today in Japan

Japan to put 3 prefectures under quasi-state of emergency over Covid-19 cases rise

Covid: Half of Europe to be infected with Omicron within weeks – WHO

New Zealand not prepared for Omicron outbreak in ‘matter of weeks’

Hong Kong bans all flights from U.S. and seven other countries as omicron spreads

Italy makes Covid vaccines mandatory for everyone 50 and older.

Italy surpasses 200,000 Covid-19 cases in a single day for the first time

California announces extension of indoor mask order

Omicron: bars, gyms, nightclubs to close, 6pm restaurant curfew as Hong Kong ramps up battle against Covid-19 fifth wave
Carrie Lam announces two-week flight ban on countries including the US, Britain and the Philippines, taking effect on Saturday
From Friday, evening dining banned in restaurants, while bars and other leisure venues ordered to close, under tough package
of Covid-19 measures fighting fifth wave of infections

Germany tightens Covid-19 restrictions as Omicron cases increase rapidly

Top Delhi hospital suspends non-essential services as hundreds of doctors are infected

British military personnel deployed to support London hospitals

Florida COVID update: State breaks single-day record with 76,887 cases, and more in ICU

COVID: UK reports 178,250 daily coronavirus cases and another 229 deaths –
The health secretary says the NHS is facing a “rocky few weeks ahead” as it contends with a wave of Omicron cases.


All Other Covid News:

Health care workers are panicked as desperate hospitals ask infected staff to return –
While most health workers are vaccinated, many are still falling sick, exacerbating a
staff shortage as more Americans seek hospital care.

First of 500 million home Covid-19 tests will go out later this month, US HHS official says

United Airlines reduces flight schedule due to Covid-related staff shortages

Covid-19 is “still a way off” of being endemic, WHO official says

WHO Europe chief urges countries to mandate “high-quality masks”

Omicron Winter 775k cases/day (7-day average) Jan 20, 2022 hitting 2.8 times higher than winter-20/21 280k cases/day Jan 7, 2021. (from google).
We might hit 3-times higher (840k/day) by end of week.

Amid omicron fears, a questionable COVID testing group is popping up around San Francisco

You’d expect health care workers on the Covid frontlines to be tested regularly. You’d be wrong

13 big questions about Biden’s response to Omicron, as Congress prepares to grill Fauci, Walensky, and other top officials

“Covid testing: The best at-home rapid test kits”

Why so expensive? Unlike the iHealth and BinaxNOW test, Cue Health’s test isn’t a rapid antigen test.
The test uses “nucleic acid amplification”, which is equivalent to a PCR test. PCR tests are the tests that
you get at a doctor’s office or a community testing center and can take several hours or days to get your results.
Cue’s system gives you results in about 20 minutes.

Here are some of the reasons an array of your favorite items may be out of stock at grocery stores.

Anti-vaxxers are touting another new Covid ‘cure’ – drinking urine.
But they are not the only obstacles to ending the pandemic

Officials are warning the public about fake Covid-19 testing kits. Here’s how to spot them

List of FDA approved test kits in the US

SCOTUS Members Ask Sharp Questions at Argument Over Vaccine Rules — “Why isn’t this necessary and grave?”

Bannon’s AntiVax ‘Correspondent’ Blames COVID On Biden, BLM, Antifa Real America’s Voice “correspondent”
Ben Bergquam has been hospitalized with the “Biden variant” of the “China virus,” but he thanks God he’s not vaccinated.

Mother of the Year Award Winner: “Texas teacher charged with allegedly putting COVID-19 positive son in trunk”

Hundreds tested positive after flying from Italy to India, but the problem may be the tests.

Orange County reports 3rd COVID death of child younger than 5 years old –
They didn’t say whether the child was a boy or a girl or when the child died.

N95 Respirators Can Be Safely Cleaned And Reused Up To 25 Times In New Process

VACCI-NATION UK is ‘most immune country in the world’ as data shows
98% of Brits have ‘some form’ of resistance to Omicron variant

The data, collected by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) and the Cambridge MRC Epidemiology Unit,
suggests that between 97 per cent and 98 per cent of Brits – even if infected again – will have a milder form of covid.
The immunity comes from a combination of vaccinations, boosters and natural immunity.

Bare rooms, rotten fruit and boredom: Quarantine life on infected cruises

Chicago Teachers Union offers a new proposal, but mayor says she and schools CEO “will not relent”

Early Data Hints at Omicron’s Potential Toll Across America

US flurona: “Doctor ‘has not seen a case like this yet’ as man is diagnosed with flu and COVID-19 at same time”

“Santa Clara County Education and Public Health Officials Agree to Keep Schools Open”

Exhausted parents face another wave of school shutdowns

Omicron is surging — and Democrats aren’t shutting things down this time

‘Mild’ Covid-19 doesn’t always feel that way
“When we or when the CDC or the NIH says ‘mild,’ we really mean it didn’t make you sick
enough to go to the hospital,” Doron said. “But when you get a flu-like illness that puts you in bed, that’s not mild to you.”

Think ‘mild’ omicron is no big deal? Here’s what long COVID symptoms feel like

Jeremy Faust on the Omicron Paradox — MedPage Today’s Editor-in-Chief a
rgues for a new, nimble approach to managing COVID-19 infection

has link to: “The Omicron Paradox: If it’s milder, why are hospitals on the brink of disaster? –
Hospitals started this wave fuller that previous ones and Omicron isn’t nearly mild enough.”

CDC director says Covid cases on cruise ships surged 30-fold in two weeks

CDC maintains that certain fabric masks are okay

‘Cruise to nowhere’ forced to return to port as Hong Kong fights covid cluster

A Georgia woman is sentenced to 3 years over a Covid fraud scheme.

“Covid Crisis Hits New York City Schools”

Macron says France should make life miserable for the unvaccinated.

Late-night hosts Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers test positive for COVID-19

CDC Doubles Down on Guidance; Kids’ COVID Cases Jump 64%; Outbreak in Antarctica

Study raises doubts about rapid Covid tests’ reliability in early days after infection

Testing Site in LA Says Child Tested Positive for ‘Flurona’ Co-Infection – The number of
COVID-19-positive people in Los Angeles County surged well above the 2,000 mark Tuesday
amid a spike in infections that has seen daily case numbers skyrocket over the past two weeks.

Some South Florida children coming down with Flurona, combination of COVID-19 and flu

Coronavirus traces on Vietnamese, Thai fruit see Chinese cities close stores, impose quarantine

Despite little evidence people can catch Covid-19 from food, imported produce undergoes
stringent testing before arriving on Chinese supermarket shelves

Whoopi Goldberg shares update after breakthrough COVID-19 case: ‘It was a shock’ –
Goldberg plans to return to co-host “The View” on Monday.

April 2021: “The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man – In a crowded field of wrongness, one person stands out: Alex Berenson.”

What Do We Know About the ‘IHU’ Variant? — Discovered around the same
time as Omicron, it hasn’t had as much of an impact

Man attacks workers at Calif. COVID-19 vaccine clinic, calling them ‘murderers’

Former Biden health advisers say the US needs to change its Covid-19 strategy to face a “new normal”

There is “no particular risk” in proceeding with Winter Olympics, WHO leader says

Airlines cancel another 1,600 flights, citing worker coronavirus cases

Majority of passengers on plane flying from Italy to India test positive for Covid-19

Novak Djokovic, amid vaccine controversy, reportedly held at hotel housing undocumented immigrants

Hong Kong investigates officials who attended birthday party with covid case despite harsh new restrictions

Classes canceled for a second day after Chicago teachers vote to defy in-person learning order

Sundance Film Festival cancels in-person events as Utah sees record cases

1.3 million people living in Britain are suffering from long covid, new data shows

French MPs pass controversial Covid vaccine bill with large majority Bill to restrict
restaurant, theatre and other access to vaccinated follows Macron’s pledge to ‘piss off’ those without jabs

125 Returnees From Italy Test Positive For Covid On Arrival At Amritsar Airport – India on
Thursday saw the biggest single-day jump of 495 Omicron cases, taking the total number
of infections of the new variant of coronavirus to 2,630. Of the total cases, Maharashtra has the maximum at 797.

125 Passengers Of Chartered Flight From Italy Test Positive In Amritsar – India today
reported over 90,000 new cases — a steep 65 per cent jump – with a surge in Omicron cases.

‘The Super Bowl is coming to L.A.’: California officials say COVID won’t stop game from being played at SoFi

Natural Cycles’ data shows limited menstrual changes after COVID-19 vaccination

“Up to 80% of FL will have caught COVID-19 by end of omicron wave, UF report says”

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Production Paused After More Than 50 Test Positive for COVID-19 (Exclusive) –
Sources say more than 50 members of the production tested positive on Monday,
forcing the Paramount+ series to immediately shut down.

Workers at unionized New York Starbucks store continue walk out over staffing, safety

James Corden cancels shows after testing positive for Covid-19

SCOTUS hears oral arguments on Biden vaccine and testing mandates

“Mild” Covid-19 may not feel mild. The severity of symptoms can vary dramatically.

Hospital staff absences up nearly 60% in a week in England due to Covid-19, data shows

Airlines cancel more than 2,200 US flights on Friday

At least 10 Covid-19 positive passengers escape quarantine rules at Indian airport

South Africa’s Omicron surge was shaped like an “ice pick,” CDC head says. What that could mean for the US.

UC Irvine Fires Doc for Not Complying With COVID Vax Mandate

Rising covid cases — once again — halt jury trials

Enduring covid-19 fears cancel E3 video game expo’s in-person plans

Mexico’s tourism hot spots see a sharp increase in coronavirus infections

Ruby Princess sparks Covid concerns after a dozen passengers reportedly test positive in US

“They Really Are Trying to Kill Us”

Omicron Chaos Forces Norwegian Cruise Line To Cancel Sailings Until April

Meet The Police Dogs Sniffing Out COVID-19 At Massachusetts Schools

Supreme Court skeptical of Biden’s workplace vaccine rule

Doctors have an arsenal of Covid-19 treatments, but setbacks and shortages are undercutting options

Pushback to Covid-19 vaccines remains stubbornly high among white evangelicals

Omicron magnifies the distress in the health care labor system

Canadian passengers partied maskless on a charter flight to Mexico. Airlines are refusing to fly them home.

What we know about the symptoms — and the severity — of the omicron variant

Biden’s federal vaccine mandate for workplace in trouble at Supreme Court –
The pair of requirements, which would affect tens of millions of workers, have
been in legal limbo since agencies published them last year.

DeSantis defends allowing stockpiled Covid tests to expire

Hundreds of COVID-19 cases appear in Palo Alto schools as omicron surges –
District stops sending close contact notifications, citing logistical burden and decreased utility

Google shows Utah 59% fully vaxxed: “5 reasons why some Utah residents won’t get vaccinated against COVID-19”

FDA warns against using throat swabs for home Covid-19 tests

QAnon Star Who Said Only ‘Idiots’ Get Vax Dies of COVID

FINANCE Citigroup will terminate unvaccinated workers by Jan. 31, a first among Wall Street banks

Canada party plane influencer ‘idiots’ fly home to face music



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