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Vaccine Related Information:

Xanadu Bio licenses Yale delivery tech for intranasal SARS CoV-2 vaccine booster

Got a Covid Booster? You Probably Won’t Need Another for a Long Time A flurry of
new studies suggest that several parts of the immune system can mount a sustained,
potent response to any coronavirus variant.

“FDA considers 2nd COVID-19 booster for fall”

A fourth Covid-19 shot might be recommended this fall, as officials ‘continually’ look at emerging data

FDA considering a second booster in fall

A new Covid vaccine shows 100 percent efficacy against severe disease and hospitalizations, its makers say.

Study explores the effectiveness of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine against omicron, delta variants

3 Moderna doses 99% effective against omicron, delta hospitalization



CDC covid wastewater monitoring is available online now

FDA recalls unauthorized rapid covid tests


Scientific Research & Variants:

Global cases are dropping, but an Omicron subvariant is spreading, the W.H.O. says.

Estimated 73% of U.S. now immune to Omicron: Is that enough?

Full Data on Pfizer’s Oral COVID Drug Now Published — Journal paper adds details supporting press release claims, FDA authorization

COVID Infection Linked to Slew of Mental Health Conditions — Including higher risk for new disorders and medications

“New Data: Omicron BA.2 More Contagious and Severe than BA.1, Yet Officials Committed to Relaxing Protections”

study link: “Virological characteristics of SARS-CoV-2 BA.2 variant”

“Prevalence of Immunosuppressive Drug Use Among Commercially Insured US Adults, 2018-2019”

A turkish man has been positive for 14 months due to being imunocompromised

Ivermectin doesn’t prevent severe disease from Covid-19, new study finds

study link: “Efficacy of Ivermectin Treatment on Disease Progression Among Adults
With Mild to Moderate COVID-19 and Comorbidities – The I-TECH Randomized Clinical Trial”

More contagious version of omicron spreads in U.S., fueling worries

Health Officials Warily Eye Rising New BA.2 Omicron Strain – Cases of the
omicron subvariant are increasing, but the health impact is still unclear.

Occurrence and significance of Omicron BA.1 infection followed by BA.2 reinfection

Is omicron leading us closer to herd immunity against COVID?



Outbreaks & Restrictions:

South Korea shifts its approach to the virus.

Malaysia, South Korea face record cases amid Asia-Pacific omicron surge

California to unveil shift to ‘endemic’ approach to virus

California Introduces Post-Pandemic “S.M.A.R.T.E.R.” Plan For Next Phase Of Covid

Coronavirus: China bans unauthorised lockdowns to support ‘in difficulty’ services sector

UK: Ending all Covid restrictions ‘premature and not based on evidence’, says BMA Council
chair says decision not guided by data or made in consultation with health profession

UK drops covid restrictions

Latest on COVID-19 in MN: Active cases, ICU needs fall to 6-month lows

Santa Clara Co. ‘confident’ it will lift indoor masking requirement on March 2 –
Dr. Sara Cody credited the steady decline in cases as a reason for the mask mandate update


All Other Covid News:

Canadian police set to remove protesters

White House says it will make high-quality masks available to children

New York mayor tells CEOs to bring workers back to the office: ‘We can’t send mixed messages’

US covid19 death rate trending down, still over 2k/day and worse than Delta peak

Minnesota rural hospital workers feel the strain as colleagues leave, COVID stays

Florida Woman Used Pandemic-Relief Loan to Pay a Hit Man, Police Say
The authorities say that Jasmine Martinez, 33, of Miami, received the loan
two weeks before the shooting death of Le’Shonte Jones as she walked with her toddler.

A New York City anime convention was not a superspreader event, a C.D.C. study finds.

Illinois House Democrats vote to remove unmasked Republicans from state chamber

US Surgeon general tests positive for COVID-19

Wild animals prized as delicacies in China contain a bevy of threatening viruses –
New study spotlights pandemic risks of the exotic game trade

Tech Companies Face a Fresh Crisis: Hiring Recruiters in tech are desperate for workers. But candidates are the ones who hold all the power.

Police Clamp Down on Ottawa Demonstrators

Red Covid, an Update The partisan gap in Covid deaths is still growing, but more slowly.

How Long Covid Exhausts the Body

Nowhere is safe: Record number of patients contracted Covid in the hospital in January –
More hospital patients contracted Covid-19 last month than at any point of the pandemic,
a POLITICO analysis of federal health data shows.

The Queen tests positive for Covid

(from NYT) Red Covid: The partisan gap in Covid deaths is still growing, but more slowly×577.png

A mild U.S. flu season is waning, but is it really over? 

No One Is Coming to Help — Rural hospitals have been fighting a losing battle during the COVID pandemic

Minnesota health insurers passing more COVID costs to patients – Health plans are
now treating the financial consequences of the infectious disease like other ailments. 

Canadian police secure downtown Ottawa as truckers’ protest ends

Canadian authorities freeze financial assets for those involved in ongoing protests in Ottawa

“Just Scandalous”: CDC Withholding Most of the Covid Data It Gathers. What Is It Trying to Hide?

The C.D.C. Isn’t Publishing Large Portions of the Covid Data It Collects

Kotok: What Long Covid Means for Financial Markets

Pandemic predictions are tricky. Except this one: U.S. hospitals are not ready for the new normal

What does society owe immunocompromised people?

Fox’s Neil Cavuto returns to air, says he was in ICU with COVID-19

Nine’s COVID ‘mistake’ seized on by anti-vaxxers

Is Queen Elizabeth II taking ivermectin? TV blunder fuels false rumours about her COVID treatment

The Queen, 95, is forced to call off virtual audience today by ‘cold-like’ Covid symptoms – but palace says she’ll carry on with light duties

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Challenge To Maine Vaccine Mandate – The court had already
turned down two emergency applications that sought to stop the mandate from going into effect.

Louisiana reports 3 more pediatric COVID-19 deaths

The Coronavirus Menagerie With the virus widespread in white-tailed deer, scientists wonder which animals might be next.

Moderna announces three new mRNA vaccine candidates. And one could cancel cancer

The U.S. mask mandate for air travel is due to expire in March, but some flight attendants say that’s too soon.

Fed Up With Google, Conspiracy Theorists Turn to DuckDuckGo The embrace by some
conservative influencers and conspiracy theorists is part of a broader effort to shift people away from Big Tech.

Will a rising Omicron variant scramble antibody treatments? – The BA.2 COVID variant now
spreading worldwide disarms a crucial monoclonal-antibody therapy in laboratory tests.

Mysterious Medical Organizations Are Calling for an End to COVID Vaccines – Blandly-named pseudo-medical
organizations are promoting bad science, discredited drugs, and creating an industry of COVID denial.

Doc Group Pushes Ivermectin for Long COVID — FLCCC promotes 20
therapies: like “throwing spaghetti against the wall,” one expert says

Moderna expects COVID to become endemic in 2023, and
Los Angeles County is latest to unveil plan to end face-mask mandates indoors

Google won’t fire or suspend unvaccinated employees, but they
need approval to visit the office – It is relaxing COVID-19 policies for campus amenities

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